Mohamed Morsy Listens to Morrisey

Mohamed Morsy?

A challenge to folks attempting to write Arabic names in English is the use of the right vowel. Take Mohamed Morsi. His last name is spelled Morsi in Time Magazine, while one of my close personal friends* spells it Mohamed Morsy on her blog.

Her spelling always brings to mind the angst-riden singer Morissey. Whose music I never quite “got.” Too dramatic and emotional and clingy. Nothing against the man, if that is what he really is.

* I don’t actually know Christiane Amanpour. We are not close personal friends. We are not even close, nor friends. Nor personal. Actually, I find her reporting brusque and clumsy, but that is a post for another day. Wow, poor Mo Morsi. He is the only one who comes out of this post smelling like roses. Not that he has ever smelled like roses. There I go again. Insulting celebrities. Carry on snarkly.