Help Me Ronda Rousey!

Ronda Rousey beat Sarah Kaufman

San Diego was the scene of a heck-of-a MMA fight last night in the women’s ranks. Ol’ Ronda Rousey beat Sarah Kaufman with her usual armbar.

Fierce pre-fight conversations between both fighters started when Sarah vowed to put Ronda in her place.

Let them try to put me back into my place?” Ronda Rousey said. “Who are they to say where my place is? My place is at the top. I earned it and I’m here. Women being put in their place is part of what’s wrong with this world.”

Whoah Ronda, it is not a man trying to put you in your place, but a woman. Nothing is wrong with this world. Just as long as you don’t try to armbar me. . . 

Hire Heroes USA

When reading about Mixed Martial Artist Brian Stann (about to face Alessio Sakara), I came across a charity Brian runs. He is a Marine (ex, prior, etc) who was awarded the Silver Star in Iraq for Valor. And along with MMA, this is his new gig:

Brian Stann fights April 14 at UFC on Fuel TV 2

That’s the mindset at home. Stann also has another life outside the gym, as president of Hire Heroes USA, a nonprofit organization that seeks to create job opportunities for veterans.

He’s expressed a profound drive to give back to his military brethren ever since leaving active service to pursue his MMA career.

Stann also has become a spokesperson for a few companies related to the fight business.

Hire Heroes USA

Beyond simply wearing a logo on his shorts in order to profit from his name recognition, he really digs in. He was calling me, in fact, to tout the TRX training system, which was developed by a Navy Seal.

Hire Heroes USA website can be found here. My big question for Brian: does he have a brother? I think I served with him. First name, Afghan? Middle initial, A?

The Absolute Last Justin Timberlake Post of the. . .

Kelsey De Santis and her Pointer, Justin Timberlake

Mr. T’lake pulled up to the Marine Corps Ball and put on a show of pure class. Per all accounts, he appeared genuine in his response to the bloodthirsty, piratey Marines present.

Of the event, he had this to share. It:

“turned out to be one of the most moving evenings I’ve ever had.”

As for De Santis? “She seemed to be so humble and honest… Very cool.”

Corporal Kelsey De Santis USMC, Pink MMA Killah

Speaking of the battle-hardened Corporal, she tweetered:

The ball was epic! Had a wonderful time.

Apparently she just fought in a MMA fight three weeks ago. Her promo material is here, with the picture to the right.

This remains one of the feel-good stories of the last couple weeks in military-land. Both the Marine Corps and Justin came out of the exchange smelling like highly tactical carnations.

A giant hand, Justin Timberlake, and Corporal Kelsey De Santis, BF@MCB

I mentioned it at work (where no one knows I blog) and folks all seemed to be in grok-mode over its existence.

Now if we can only get everyone to memorize all the ‘Stans. (Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, um, Nightstan. . .)

What is next in the world of Marine Corps Balls social events?

Well, calling out celebrities is apparently all the rage. This guy hollered Will Ferrell. And this rapping Marine Sergeant (named Ray Lewis, although not the Raven) invited very Golden Girl Betty White.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, Marine Corps’ Ballers

As a fellow blogger and reader pointed out in this post, the next biggest evolution is, of course, Mila Kunis and Sergeant Scott Moore.

The official blurb on YouRube:

Sgt Scott Moore with 3rd Battalion 2nd Marines in Musa Qala, Afghanistan asks Mila Kunis to the Marine Corps Ball in Greenville, NC on November 18th.

That is on Friday. It should be interesting.

Kelsey De Santis, Ranger Up

One last news-worthy note. Apparently, the good Corporal De Santis is sponsored by Ranger Up. Her story lists her working in France, training with Military Working Dogs, and getting trapped in an elevator as highlights of her five-year Marine Corps career.

All of which probably prepared her for an evening with Mr. Timberlake.

Aw, sorry. The guy came through. Nothing but class and I have to go and run him down like that. Yo JT, forget that I evah gave you a hard time over your dye-job. . .

Corporal Punishment and Your Local Tweeny-Bopper

Rooting around the web, I found the following picture of Cpl De Santis, standing amidst three fire hydrants:

Corporal Kelsey De Santis, USMC

She is the third from left. (But you knew that.) And below is Justin Timberlake, a couple of unfortunate dye jobs ago:

Bye bye: Justin Timberlake and a friend

Justin is the one on the left right.

Let’s review, Corporal De Santis:

Cpl De Santis, mixed martial fighter, USMC killer. (Look at the blood on the other girl!)

Justin Bieber T’lake:

Justin sez: momma!

Corporal punishment versus your local tweeny-bopper. I put my money on the Leatherneck Laceneck.

Update: Looking to support the Marine Corps? America’s 1st Sergeant is accepting, for a limited time, your spare fruit-cake recipes. . .