Lift with Your Lance Corporals

I work with a Marine Corps Master Sergeant whose desk is adorned with a sign that says: Don’t lift with your back, lift with your Lance Corporals.

The Marines certainly have all sorts of snappy slogans:

The View Never Changes. USMC

I must thank America’s Sergeant Major for the tip. Despite the very personal fact that he just started his latest post with We are pretty hard on new Lieutenants. . .

Blind Navy Ducks

The hallways at work are often crowded and I learn to expect certain people in certain areas. It only makes sense, right? So I’m plodding down the hall at my usual fast clip and I see Marine camouflage. And I think it is the Captain, a Marine. He is a prior Warrant Officer and keeper of many a humorous tale.

Hey- what’s up, man? I ask him, glancing at his uniform, rather than his face. We are, after all, right around the corner from his desk.

Good morning Sir, the surprised Master Sergeant says to me.

Achhhhh. We are passed each other and I groan. The Master Sergeant and I work on a collateral duty together. I should know what he looks like. I’ll see him later in the day when I have to brief our group.

Later in the day, after my brief, I go over to him. Hey Master Sergeant, I thought you were the Captain. And I think I called you man!

Sir, you did, he replies.

Sorry ’bout that, Master Sergeant.

He smiles. I’ve come to expect it from this place. 

I don’t know whether he’s come to expect it from blind Navy dudes or from officers. But I stay quiet.

Even worse than those two categories is some blind duck who is both. A naval officer. . .