Bezerkeley Football and the NFL Pro Bowl

Cal Football Golden BearsI can remember all of two readers writing in (commenting on a post) that they are Cal alum. Other than that, there has been little love for the Golden Bears.

So if you are in denial that Berkeley produces good football talent, let me point out that Cal grads Aaron Rodgers, Marshawn Lynch, and Tony Gonzalez are all playing for the NFC in this year’s NFL Pro Bowl. (There may be one more Cal guy, but he is not jumping out at me. I thought I saw his name when I ran through the list for the first time.) Essentially three of the top offensive stars for the NFC came from Bezerkeley.

That is all. . .

I Don’t Believe It

That somewhere, the weather is freezing? Like -2 degrees C cold? 

That a crazed beaver attacked eight-year-old Annabella Radnovich and her 11-year-old sister, Alyssa Radnovich, on Lake Anna in Virginia’s Spotsylvania County?

That a Navy helicopter, a MH-60S Sea Hawk, can write a postcard? Dear Other Helicopters: How I Spent My Summer… Love, Sea Hawk. . .

That the first words out of a stranger’s mouth are: “I love that sticker, friend! 

That Army prosecutors are bringing charges of negligent homicide against SFC Taylor?

That ships and aircraft use a word from the French as a distress call?

That a window washer can make $20-$30 an hour? That they use Joy soup to get the windows squeaky clean?

That the first air conditioner began working on 17 July, 1902?

That UC Berkeley star athletes Jason Kidd and Marshawn Lynch both get popped for driving under the influence, on the same weekend?