Grammy Machine Gun Girl: Sasha Gradiva

At the Grammys, Sasha Gradiva showed up with machine guns on her arm. Wow, she must be a gun enthusiast! Well, not quite:

The Russian native is an international pop star who hit the carpet in a pretty pink gown … and fake guns strapped to her right arm.

Sasha Gradiva, Machine Guns on arm at Grammys, Violence is never the answer.

The 28-year-old says she wanted to convey that “violence is never the answer” and that “art should always be more powerful than weapons in creating change.”

Okay, protest violence by strapping on machine guns. That sounds logical. I wonder how the stunt played out with the security at the event:

Her refusal to remove the guns got her kicked off the Grammy premises.

Ooops. Violence may not be the answer, but neither is your goofy art. Иди домой, в Россию тупой-тупой!