Three Submarine Females Pinned

I have written before how I have no desire to ever serve on subs. Not that I don’t highly respect their mission and their qualification process. Folks with dolphins are some of the best trained of our operators. And this week, three female officers, LTJG Marquette Leveque, LTJG Jennifer Noonan, and LTJG Amber Cowan, formally received their submarine warfare insignia:

LTJG Marquette Leveque, LTJG Kyle McFadden, USS Wyoming

The Navy’s first female submariners have earned their “dolphins.”

In ceremonies on both coasts Wednesday, three female officers were pinned with their submarine warfare insignia, the gold chest device that confers their status as fully qualified submarine officers. After a rigorous process that consumed a year of training followed by a year at sea, their achievement signals that the silent service’s glass ceiling has been shattered.

Please ignore the dude in the above pinning ceremony. He does not have the required hormone levels to make the Navy Times. Bravo Zulu to all. . .