Why is Yahoo Featuring an Anti-American Chinese Artist?

Twice this week, Yahoo featured the artist Liu Bolin, a native Chinese painter from Shandong. Mr. Bolin has a unique, gimmicky style; he paints his subjects to blend into the background. Apparently, he has been practicing it for 6 years.

Is it talent? Perhaps. He reminds me of Alexa Meade. Below is his masterpiece that Yahoo is featuring in its Best Images of the Week:

Liu Bolin, Chinese Artist, Vegetable in Beijing 

First reaction? Ah, this guy. I have seen his work before. Is he the next Michelangelo, the artist, not the Middle-aged Mutant Ninja Tortoise? No, I don’t think so. He relies on a gimmick, one that gets old after a short while. You know who he reminds me of? The Chinese version of Waldo.

My interest in art was somewhat thrust upon me. I come from a family of well-traveled art snobs. I am not one. I don’t like modern art in the slightest. Most of it appears fraudulent to me. Case in point: Norman Rockwell is one my favorite artists.

It was painful growing up. This may sound spoiled, but I just wanted to hang around my neighborhood and there we were, visiting museums for the day. Let’s return, shall we, to the topic at hand, our little buddy, Liu Bolin. In searching for more of his masterpieces, this pops up:

Liu Bolin, Chinese Artist, Standing on the American Flag

Wow. He is standing on the flag. And he has hung it backwards. Did you know that? When you hang the flag on the wall, the stars are supposed to be in the top left corner when you are facing it.

I am not even going to provide the link to Liu. Go to this google page (and scroll down) to see the above disasterpiece. He probably does not know that it is wrong to hang the flag as he did. But standing on it? Surely he understands this is a big no-no? (嘿,刘,这是一个很大的没有没有!)

But Yahoo did not stop there. The geniuses up in that joint again propped up Bolin’s work today with mention in its Mighty Optical Illusions section:

Perhaps I am touchy about the American flag. Great men have died under it, for it. And I do not like seeing someone stand upon her.

Is Liu Bolin anti-American? Or just clueless. Overreaction on my part or no?