Hey Habibi, Here’s Yer Lykan Hypersport!

The Middle East is infamous for not producing anything other than oil, hummus, and pop-songs with habibi in them. Chalk up the Lykan Hypersport, from Lebanese entrepreneur and designer Ralph Debbas’ W Motors, as the first supercar from the region:

Lykan Hypersport, from Dubai-based startup W Motors
Lykan Hypersport, from Dubai-based startup W Motors

Supercars are a common sight in some parts of the Middle East, but until now, that region of the world has gone without an exotic of its own. Enter the Lykan Hypersport, an ultra-exclusive ride from Dubai-based startup W Motors. The upcoming car is said to accelerate from 0-62 mph in 2.8 seconds and offer Lamborghini-rivaling style for $3.4 million, according to WardsAuto.

The Lykan Hypersport is the brainchild of Lebanese entrepreneur and designer Ralph Debbas, who began thinking up the supercar when he was an automotive design student. The wild, angular seven-figure exotic will be officially revealed to the public at the Qatar auto show, where W Motors will display a full-scale model made of carbon fiber and other lightweight materials, and built with help from specialty coachbuilder Magna Steyr Torino. The model currently lacks an interior and drivetrain, but will be powered by a midship flat-six engine from RUF, the company famous for custom Porsches.

Hey habibi, this sled is you!

Occupy Wall Street T-Shirts

It is complete. The anti-corporate folks are going corporate. From an email I just received:

Show your support of the 99% of Americans who are fed up with wall street and the kids that are doing something about it, wear what your feeling! Check out the low priced 99%er t-shirt at. . .

Wear what your (sic) feeling! Or is this a scam? A corporate tool getting rich on the elbow grease and back sweat of the 99%ers? What’s next, a fake Lamborghini Countach?

The Occupy Wall Street Protest, Greasy Elbows and Sweaty Backs

Note: I did not include the link from the email because it had a slight fishy look to it. As in, click on the link, look around, and get some malware. In short: click, click, boom*!

* A link to the song Click, Click, Boom by the hard rock band Saliva. Whose name appears quite apt for the 99%ers, no? (Standard disclaimer: do not press Mr. Clicky unless you desire music to work out to or you need some motivatin’. . .)

Occupy Wall Street update here.