Phil Mickelson Taxes His Patience

There are certain ramifications to raising taxes. Being in the Navy, I certainly feel the increase. But so do big fish like Phil Mickelson:

Phil Mickelson, Lefty
Phil Mickelson, Lefty

Word is, Phil Mickelson is mad as hell about rising tax rates, and he’s not going to take it anymore.  What follows is a brief portion of an interview Mickelson gave earlier today after carding a final-round 66 at the Palmer Course at PGA West in La Quinta – which I assure you, is not associated with the La Quinta next door to your local Denny’s – in which the golfer hinted that he is considering drastic career changes because of a combined tax rate nearing “62, 63 percent:”

It is an interesting interview. I am for prosperity for all and see a definite road towards it. But it requires that all work. It also requires morality. In that those on the dole have no other place to go.

Before the Navy, I held dozens of jobs from the most menial up to mid-level management. And I firmly believe, if you want a job, they are out there. Go hustle. I’ll stop there because this is not a political blog. I won’t mention government waste, fraud. . .