Sweeping Kristy Lee

Nashville recording artist Kristy Lee Cook is swept off her feet by 2nd Lt. Jake Freeman, a native of Suwanee, Ga., at Sicily Drop Zone during the 15th Annual Randy Oler Memorial Operation Toy Drop at Fort Bragg, N.C., Dec. 8, 2012. Cook, an American Idol contestant in 2008, entertained the Soldiers and others while waiting for fog to lift on the drop zone. Freeman is with the 1st Battalion, 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment, 82nd Airborne Division. Soldiers donated a new, unwrapped toy yesterday at Pope Army Airfield’s Green Ramp to earn a seat for today’s jump and also the chance to earn airborne jump wings from participating Allied nation jumpmasters. Toy Drop, hosted by the U.S. Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations Command (Airborne), is the largest combined airborne operation in the world.

Kristy Lee and the Anonymous Shooter

I love highlighting heroes and I gotta hand it to singer Kristy Lee Cook; her song, Airborne Ranger Infantryis melodic. (Although, would it have killed her to throw the Navy a bone? Like how about Tough Navy Linguist or Surprisingly Muscular Naval Cryptologist?) And while we are chatting heroes, we probably should tip our hat (cover) to the anonymous woman who shot Lawrence Sandoval. That pos tried to rape a woman at knifepoint. Guess he did not expect she was packing. Enjoy being worm food, Larry. . .