Richard Turere and Scotch Tape

Innovative inventions help solve everyday problems and make life easier. It is hard to imagine a time before such everyday items such as scotch tape, post-it notes, or staplers.

Kenyan Richard Turere uses LED lights to keep lions at bay
Kenyan Richard Turere uses LED lights to keep lions at bay

But those are simple office inventions. What 13 year-old Richard Turere did to keep lions from eating his cows is on another level. . .

Martin Harvey and the African Dudes

Martin Harvey is a photographer who flies around Africa and photographs its magestic beauty from the sky. And he had the following conversation with the six men below:

Martin: Hey dudes, glad to take you guys up for ride.
Dude #1: Nini hii ndugu nyeupe kuzungumza juu?
Martin: But first you might want to take off those necklace thingees.
Dude #2: Mimi naenda kula kufurahia hii guy alikuwa upande wa maharage fava na crickets baadhi.
Martin: No speakee de Swahili, guys. Can you translate?
Dude #3: Hey Sammy, unafikiri tunaweza kupata mke wako mjeledi juu ya baadhi yake tapioca pudding?

Martin Harvey takes aerial photos of landscapes and wildlife in Kenya, Africa

 Apologies to the wonderful Kenyan people. None of that conversation was real.

Ali Ahmed, White Courtesy Phone

CAIR, Council on American Islamic Relations, helps Ali Ahmed

Certain names pose problems to fliers. Like Ali Ahmed. A Somali who recently tried to fly into the US, but found himself on the no-no list:

A U.S. citizen of Somali descent who has been stranded in Bahrain for two weeks after being told his name appears on the U.S. government’s no-fly list said Tuesday that he does not understand why he has been tagged as a suspected terrorist and is talking to U.S. lawyers.

The San Diego chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, held a press conference Tuesday to draw attention to the case of 20-year-old Ali Ahmed, who was denied entry into Kenya two weeks ago and then flown to Bahrain.

Thanks be to all that is good. CAIR is involved. Those noted patriots will help out.