Miss Russia Elmira Abdrazakova and the Miss Russia Haters

Elmira Abdrazakova, Miss Russia, a Tartar of Kazakhstan
Elmira Abdrazakova, Miss Russia

The lady who won the Miss Russia title, Elmira Abdrazakova, has met her share of Miss Russia haters. She is taking a lot of flak for not being Russian enough:

Borat would be seeing red.

Miss Russia beauty pageant winner Elmira Abdrazakova tells London’s Sun newspaper that she’s being bombarded with hate mail for “not being Russian enough.”

The newly crowned brunette’s dad is a Tatar, an ethnic minority, and she was born in Kazakhstan — the same country that was put on the map by the mockumentary “Borat.”

One person ranted on a Russian Web site that Abdrazakova could only be considered “a real beauty among sheep.”

I am resisting any references to fish ‘n chips and tatar sauce. As for her representing her country, I think it a great thing. . .