Catching Up with Blog Goodness

It is interesting the people who mistake me for the story. Read the comments, like:

–A “good christian girl” who mistakes me for a Mennonite tough-guy (Jolin) from Amish Mafia. I could be wrong, but I think she is proposing. . .

–Some down-home folks who mistake me for a swamp guy from Ax Men.

–And here I am mistaken for a gay service-member. The funny thing about that whole story is the lesbian lady (who did not read my post very carefully and later harangued me about invasion of privacy) actually “liked” me on Facebook. So while she is berating me about her privacy, her picture is scrolling through my Facebook likers. All you had to do is click on it and you can see pictures of her and her “wife.” I very quietly banned her from my meager Facebook feed.

I added a site map to my little blog and it really super-charged the hits. Plug-ins are available, just pick one that works with your WordPress (or other software) version. It will tell you (when you preview it) if it is compatible. As usual, if you don’t have a blog, ignore this. Or if you don’t care about people dropping by your virtual home, nevermind too.

Watcher of Weasels was picked as part of the 2012 Fabulous 50 Blog Award Winners. You will notice a new insignia to the left. This blog is also #158 on the Top 200 Conservative Websites, just based on Alexa traffic rankings.

If you do cuss in your comments, it gets caught in a special filter. Don’t despair, but it will take time to approve your comment. And sometimes, comments just get sent to the spam filter. WordPress has a mind of its own.

And lastly, I am sure you’ve heard the French phrase, je ne blague pas. It means: I am not kidding. Just as je blague means I joke. So if I wrote – je blog, je ne blague pas – you would, of course, understand.

There, all up to date!

I Am Joining the Amish Mafia

Despite being in the Navy and deploying overseas sometime in the forceable future, I have decided to join the Amish Mafia. Imagine Bosun Mates and you’d get a feel for how the Amish Mafia behaves. These guys are tough, but a righteous tough:

John, Alvin, Lebanon Levi, and Jolin from Amish Mafia
John, Alvin, Lebanon Levi, and Jolin from Amish Mafia

Because the Amish Mafia doesn’t have direct dealing with the church, they do not have to operate within its jurisdiction.

They use cell phones, drive Cadillac SUVs, and tote guns to carry out what they believe is the law.

Jolin, a Mennonite, is described as ‘military foot soldier’ in the pilot episode, set to air December 12. Many Amish sects are wary of ‘English’ laws, and will not report crimes to recognized authority figures.

That leaves it to Levi and his cronies to seek justice for the meek and the mild.

The Mennonite division is slightly less strict than many Amish sects, which the show says allows him to do Levi’s ‘dirty work.’

Jolin fighting
Tattoo’d Jolin fighting

In addition, Levi and his three mafia members – John, Jolin, and Alvin – cannot be punished by church elders. Their philosophy is an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.

In the case of a woman whose buggy was destroyed by a reckless driver, Jolin took the matter into his own hands. He tracked the man who hit the Amish woman’s buggy and fired a single shot through the empty car’s window.

The owner was unharmed, but the message was clear.

Another time, Levi sent John and Jolin to stake out the house of a married Amish woman who was believed to have had an affair.

The man was trying to extort the married woman to have sex with him, because her own husband had left her, causing financial struggle.

Jolin wields a mean gun; in the next episode, he fights MMA-style. I wouldn’t cross ’em.