General North Visits JSOTF-P

In earlier posts today, I have been unpleasant with our sister service, the Air Force. Consider this a bone:

General North Visits the JSOTF-P (Philippines)

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Republic of the Philippines (June 22, 2011) — Commander, Pacific Air Forces, Gen. Gary North greets members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines at Western Mindanao Command. During his visit to the Philippines, North met with members of the U.S. Embassy, Armed Forces of the Philippines, and U.S. Forces assigned to Joint Special Operations Task Force – Philippines to discuss the strategic Philippine/U.S. partnership. (Official U.S. Navy Photo by MC1 Cassandra Thompson.)

Observe three things. One, a Sailor took the picture. We drive the Marines everywhere* and apparently, we take the Air Force’s picture.

And two, the General is still wearing the necklace his granddaughter gave him for Christmas last year. It looks a little out of place, but that is the Air Force for you. Ooops, sorry. I was posting this to be charitable.  Forget about the necklace. It’s perfect. Or something.

And three, you know you want to tell your friends you are from Zamboanga City. Hey, where you from? Z-town, baby!

* We don’t drive the Army around, but we do drive them crazy. . .