An Ex-Marine and Income-Tax Refunds

I’ve heard the term Ex-Marine used only for one individual, Lee Harvey Oswald. (Although, I’ve also heard folks threatening to add John Murtha’s name to that list.) I suppose you can add this genius too:

In December, a former U.S. Marine from North Miami was sentenced to nearly five years in prison for stealing the identities of more than 40 fellow Marines stationed at Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan as part of a plot to claim $54,000 in fraudulent income-tax refunds.

Your buddies are deployed and you loot their income-tax refunds. An Ex-Marine.

Back When I Was an Iraqi Linguist

In 2005, I was an Iraqi linguist working the Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) mission. So the following story hits very close to home.

12 Marines were involved in a vicious firefight in Haditha, where the distinction between villagers and combatants was blurred. 8 Jarheads were ultimately charged in the action and 7 were either found not guilty on all counts or the charges were dropped. The last Marine, SSgt Frank D. Wuterich, goes on trial this week. The incomparable Michelle Malkin has more.

It has been a tough road for the Devil Dogs involved in the struggle. John Murtha played quite a role, of which Michelle details. . .

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