John F. Kennedy President of the United States of America 1961-63

article-2511967-1994C30F00000578-64_634x365One of President Kennedy’s two granddaughters has paid her respects at the British memorial site in his honour. A stone tablet and ornate garden were dedicated to President Kennedy in Runnymede in Berkshire, and a service was held their today on the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The site was unveiled in 1965 by Queen Elizabeth with Jacqueline Kennedy and her two children in tow. Caroline Kennedy’s 23-year-old daughter Tatiana Schlossberg was the family representative there today, and she was accompanied by the American ambassador to Great Britain.article-2511967-19961AB000000578-96_636x362“This place that we’re gathered, this incredible memorial behind you and also the acre of land that you are standing on, was given by the British people to America so I’m talking to you on American soil,’ ‘It’s a strange and wonderful thing to say. ‘I’m just deeply moved by the fact that the British people didn’t do this because they were told to, or because they had to, they did it in the spirit of spontaneous generosity and that’s a very powerful thing; something that we need more of in both our countries.” The words of the U.S. Ambassador Matthew Barzun at todays memorial anniversary.article-2511967-1994B13C00000578-671_306x423

The John F. Kennedy memorial was erected through public subscription in 1965 and the one-acre site was gifted to the people of the United States and remains the only American soil in the United Kingdom. It is held by the Kennedy Trust and maintained by the National Trust and is inscribed with a quote from Kennedy’s inaugural address in 1961. An oak sapling from Windsor Great Park was also planted to honour President Kennedy’s contribution to Anglo-American relations.

The seven-ton Portland stone memorial, lies under a canopy of trees at the top of a set of granite steps at the foot of Cooper’s Hill, just a short distance from the Magna Carta memorial, where the great historical Magna Carta was sealed.                  Yours Aye.

Two Navy Ships

Often, Navy families have it as tough on deployment as their Sailors. This first-person narrative illustrates some of the unknowns families face:

I am 10 years old, sitting alone on the living-room floor watching a Peanuts holiday special. It’s the Saturday before Thanksgiving – Nov. 22, 1975.

The cartoon is just about over when a special news bulletin interrupts at 8:25 p.m.: “The aircraft carrier John F. Kennedy and the USS Belknap have collided in the Mediterranean Sea.”

Then: “Oh, my God.” It’s my mom’s panic cry echoing from the kitchen.

Within seconds, the telephone rings and neighbors knock on the door of our Port Lyautey home in Virginia Beach.

My dad, Petty Officer 1st Class Newton Blihar, had started his day aboard the Belknap.

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