Venting on Facebook

On the right side of the Facebook page for the Discovery Channel, there is a place for the audience to leave messages. And most folks are not happy about American Guns being cancelled in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Discovery also has a picture section with chopper photos detailing the results (Paul Junior vs Jesse James vs Fast N Loud vs Paul Senior) of Chopper Live, the Revenge:

Chooper Live Competition. Paul Junior versus Jesse James versus Fast N Loud verus Paul Senior
Chooper Live Competition. Paul Junior vs Jesse James vs Fast N Loud vs Paul Senior

I do like Paul Junior’s bike. Classic and clean. . .

The King Is Back, on Sons of Guns

The King is back! Elvis had his pistol featured on Sons of Guns this last week. For some reason, they could not discuss who the gun was once owned by. But they hinted about it enough. The scoop:

Red Jacket is put to the test when a 70-year-old, $150K, full auto 40mm Bofors cannon, with over 500 parts, breaks down 4 days prior to its sale. Also, the crew resurrects an 1855 Volcanic Pistol. Then, a rockin’.38 Special’s secret markings reveal its royal lineage.

That Bofors was a magnificent beast. Every Navy division should have one. Or two.

I would not be a blogger if I did not mention the custom Orange County Chopper that Will and the Red Jacket boys  (and Stephanie) are raffling off to benefit the troops:


Want a preview on the upcoming show? Can do:

Red Jacket Firearms redefines armored cars when they conceal fully automatic M-16s and Claymore mines in an armored Porsche for a client that needs protection as well as the ability to fight back. Meanwhile, Steph goes rogue and builds a custom AR behind Will’s back. And Jesse James returns to Red Jacket with his engraved BAR parts. The team assembles his gun and together they take it to the range where Jesse fires the custom-built weapon.

An armored Porsche, on Sons of Guns? Count me in. And Jesse James? Mm, okay.