Jersey Shore Out, Buckwild In

I could not be happier that Jersey Shore has met its demise. The bad news? MTV has moved its cameras to Sissonville, West Virginia to film a new series, Buckwild:

The Buckwild girls

From one of the cast-members: West Virginia is a place founded on freedom – for me and my friends, that means the freedom to do whatever the [bleep] we want. . . Maybe so, Annie Oakley, but MTV will make you all out to be a bunch of hicks. Just like the Jersey Shore folks were painted (and encouraged) to be a bunch of goombas.

Smush, More Jersey Shore Jokes!

So an hour ago,  I made a clumsy joke about Paul Krugman, trying to turn him into a character, Paulie K, from the Jersey Shore. Except I called it the DC Sure. (You say the joke was elegant? Aw, gimme a hug!)

In doing so, I had to traipse over to the Jersey Shore site for a link. And get a load of some of the captions on the pictures:

Snooki breathes a sigh of relief after rescuing her drink.

Snooki and Deena manage to make it out of the water alive.

JWOWW confronts Pauly D’s new stalker.

After fighting with her boyfriend, Snooki gets closer to Vinny.

Snooki loses control of the minibike.

Snooki gets upset when her boyfriend is too sick to smush.

Smush? Is that a dance or. . . Nevermind. Surely I deserve a facepalm for posting twice on Jersey Shore in one day. Sorry, it will never happen again. I am not embarrassed for New Jersey. They started all that. I am embarrassed, however, for all shores worldwide, other than the Jersey one. And I am embarrassed for our country. This smush gets exported globally. . .