Facebook and Guns

Facebook and guns: two things that neither are associated with each other, nor are in opposition. Someone who might look fondly at weapons might post pictures of their hand cannons. What seems unlikely is that someone might shoot their laptop over a Facebook entry. Or that a former “friend” might be murdered over a defriending. But it has happened. First, the shooting:

Tommy Jordan of North Carolina and his .45, um .44

The tech-savvy, gun-toting father who blasted nine hollow-point rounds into his daughter’s laptop after she wrote a disrespectful Facebook post is dealing with his newfound notoriety much the same way he handled the girl’s rant: publicly and proactively.

If you haven’t seen the now-viral video, here’s what happened: Tommy Jordan of North Carolina has a 15-year-old daughter who posted an indignant note to Facebook in which she complained about and harshly criticized her parents for forcing her do too many chores around the house and generally making her life a hassle.

Wow, hollow-points? That is not cheap. The next Facebook tale is sadder:

36-year-old Billy Payne Jr. and his 23-year-old girlfriend, Billie Jean Hayworth, were both murdered after removing and blocking a woman previously on theirFacebook friend’s list named Jenelle Potter. The parents of an 8-month-old baby boy named Tyler where allegedly shot and killed within their own home by Marvin Enoch “Buddy” Potter Jr., the 60-year-old father of the blocked woman, as well as 38-year-old Jamie Lynn Curd who has a romantic interest in Jenelle Potter. When police discovered the victims, Payne also has his throat slashed open and 8-month-old Tyler was found unharmed laying in the arms of the deceased mother.

When asked how Facebook played a role in the murder, Johnson County Sheriff Mike Reece stated “That’s basically what sparked it. Her life is spent at that computer. She’s had some health problems, and she wasn’t working.”

Might as well mention the arson that another women did in response to a defriending:

Facebook Tommy Jordan of North Carolina and his 45A Des Moines, Iowa, woman has been arrested in an arson attack on the home of a former friend who had quarreled with her and unfriended her on Facebook, according to a published report.

Jennifer Christine Harris, 30, of Des Moines, is being held Thursday at Polk County Jail on $100,000 bond on a charge of first-degree arson, a jail spokeswoman said.

She was arrested after the Oct. 27 fire at the Des Moines home of Jim and Nikki Rasmussen.

Or a husband who acted angrily when his wife did not like his Facebook post:

A Texas man has been charged with battery after he allegedly attacked his estranged wife because she did not “like” his Facebook update.

Benito Apolinar, of Pecos, was arrested on Tuesday after fighting with Dolores Apolinar at her home in New Mexico, the Carlsbad Current- Argus reports.

It is Facebook, people, not the end of the world.