Retro Atari

Back in the day when you could spend ten minutes on a video game and understand everything about it, I had an Atari 400. Great machine, it even allowed for programming in BASIC.

Nowadays, video games take days to get good at. So if you still like the old classics, this may be for you:

Jakks Atari Classics 10 in 1

Remember Asteroids, Missile Command, and Breakout? How about Centipede, Adventure and Gravitar? This TV Games Video System–just a “smart” joystick and nothing else–delivers 10 classic games in all.

The joystick has the typical up-down-left-right movements, and single functions to select, start, and reset games. Front-and-center is a big, red fire button (“fire” being the only way to propel or kill things back then).

The unit hooks up to your TV via those yellow and white AV output jacks (which should already be on your TV or VCR), and requires 4 “AA” batteries.

Video games, old-school style. I like it. . .