Criminals and Their Devious Crimes

I don’t accept the defense some criminals put forth that they blacked-out or have dual personalities. In fact, the whole insanity defense is ridiculous, simply because no normal, sane person goes around murdering people.

Take Professor Stephen Graham, an academic at Newcastle University. He carved up a Mercedes SLK, BMW 520, a BMW X5 and a Land Rover with the words very silly, really wrong and arbitrary with a screwdriver:

Professor Stephen Graham
Professor Stephen Graham

Not that the choice of vocabulary will be much consolation. The late-night wrecking spree caused £20,000 damage to the 24 cars targeted in the affluent suburb of Jesmond, Newcastle.

Hours later, Professor Stephen Graham, 47, was arrested and questioned by police. An academic at Newcastle University, he lives in the next street from Northumberland Gardens, where most of the attacks were carried out.

Among the cars damaged were a Mercedes SLK, BMW 520, a BMW X5 and a Land Rover.

A resident rang police in the early hours of Bank Holiday Monday, when he spotted a man in black shorts and a black jacket crouching down next to a car.

Seriously? The professor specializes in the study of cities and society. And I read in a later article that the professor’s defense is that he has no memory of his actions.

Another recent criminal (of a far more serious crime, murder) named Israel Keyes claimed a dual personality. Still, that personality is his, however partial. He must answer for it.