Rabia Sarwar Goes Agro on Sheikh Naseem

Your typical honor killing involves a father slaughtering his daughter because she is dating a non-Muslim. Or perhaps the mother or the brother is involved in the massacre. Rabia Sarwar broke the mold with her attack on her husband, Sheikh Naseem:

Rabia Sarwar tried to murder Sheikh Naseem,
Rabia Sarwar tried to murder Sheikh Naseem.

A soft-spoken Muslim woman tried to slit her Staten Island husband’s throat as he slept – enraged that he made her eat pork and wear sexy skirts, officials said.

“It’s time for you to die!” screamed Rabia Sarwar as she pounced on hubby Sheikh Naseem, sources said.

He woke early Wednesday to find her straddling his chest and hacking at his neck with a knife.

The burly 41-year-old, a teacher at Susan Wagner High School, overpowered the pretty petite Sarwar, 37, and grabbed the weapon.

The two have only been together for five months. For Nasseem, it was his third try after his first two marriages failed. The Pakistani-born Naseem was not a practicing Muslim but sought a traditional wife; their pairing was arranged through family friends.

This should be an interesting trial. I understand her point, but why not divorce the man? And when are you ever going to see a title like this: Muslim woman held in slay try of husband; he made her wear sexy skirts and eat pork.

Pakistani Parents of the Year

Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen Zafar really should be nominated for Pakistani parents of the year. Check that, let’s go with worst parents of the year:

A Pakistani couple accused of killing their 15-year-old daughter by pouring acid on her carried out the attack because she sullied the family’s honor by looking at a boy, the couple said in an interview broadcast Monday by the BBC.

The girl’s death underlines the problem of so-called “honor killings” in Pakistan where women are often killed for marrying or having relationships not approved by their families or because they are perceived to have somehow dishonored their family.

The girl’s parents, Mohammad Zafar and his wife Zaheen, recounted the Oct. 29 incident from jail. The father said the girl had turned to look at a boy who drove by on a motorcycle, and he told her it was wrong.

“She said ‘I didn’t do it on purpose. I won’t look again.’ By then I had already thrown the acid. It was her destiny to die this way,” the girl’s mother told the British broadcaster.

It was her destiny to die this way? Amazing- hope you rot in jail, Mo and Za. . .