Joe Biden presidential campaign rumors

Vice President Joe Biden has sparked rumors of presidential aspirations by delivering a campaign-style speech in Iowa, the first voting state in the presidential primary process. Most Democrats are watching former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for hints about her 2016 plans, but Biden has neither confirmed nor denied his intentions to run. Joe Biden sparks presidential campaign rumors at Iowa fund raising appearance article-2421639-1BD7EF80000005DC-744_634x445A simple musing from this side of the pond, how about the Democrats pushing for Joe Biden for President, and Hillary Clinton for Vice President Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton’s proposed ‘joint’ theme tune for the run up to the 2016 Presidency election        Yours Aye.

Lauryn Hill Gets Jailed, Pat Smith Gets Some

Eight-time Grammy winning singer Lauryn Hill
Eight-time Grammy winning singer Lauryn Hill

I have long maintained that some of the more interesting parts to a news story are the reactions of the readers to the content. For example, pompous singing millionaire Lauryn Hill actually had the stones to say this:

‘I am a child of former slaves who had a system imposed on them,’ Hill said before U.S. Magistrate Madeline Cox Arleo. ‘I had an economic system imposed on me.’

It reeks of stupidity on so many levels, I won’t waste time debunking it. But I must share this reaction, from Nim in London:

Sorry love but your nothing special, as we’ll all slaves to a system which has been imposed on us

And when Pat Smith, who lost her son Sean Smith at Benghazi, spoke to Jake Tapper about Hillary Clinton, one of the commenters replied back with:

Don’t worry, when it hits the fan, the press won’t escape the wrath. There are many of us watching the corruption by these pressitutes.

Pressitutes, love it.

Delicious Boiled Pumpkin Recipes

I cannot read North Korea’s propaganda without chuckling. Not if they are going to put out gems like this:

The former president of South Korea is a “rat,” Hillary Clinton is a “funny lady” who is “by no means intelligent” and the U.S. mainland is “similar to a boiled pumpkin.”

Anyone have any good boiled pumpkin recipes?

15,000 Crocodiles Escape

15,000 crocodiles escaped from the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in South Africa when the Limpopo River rose due to a stong storm:

Reportedly, 15,000 crocodiles escaped from an animal farm in South Africa Thursday. The animal escape took part during a period of heavy rain in the area. Ironically, sources say the owners actually are responsible for letting the crocodiles out.

15,000 crocodiles escape
15,000 crocodiles escape

According Fox News on Jan. 24, Rakwena Crocodile Farm owners had little choice when threats of rising waters from a storm surge forced them to open gates on the animal farm.

As the Limpopo River rose rapidly, the gates were open, which caused thousands of crocodiles to escape the animal enclosures.

Half have been re-captured. Where is Steve Irwin when you need him? (You may want to read of his daughter, Bindi Irwin, and her war with Hillary Clinton, of all people)

Warm Afghani Feet, a Barefooted Blogger, and One Bear Footsie

The weather, it’s a-turnin’ colder in Afghan-a-lemonade-stand. Want some proof? This:

Afghan workers toast their tootsies on a roadside in Kabul, Afghanistan

Poor guys. Their country’s entangled in the full-nelson of tribalism, a curse in this day and age. Another frosty indication is this nugget from the hairy-hatted Hamid Karzai:

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — Afghan President Hamid Karzai has said if the United States and Pakistan ever went to war, his country would back Islamabad, drawing a sharp rebuke Sunday from Afghan lawmakers who claimed the country’s top officials were adopting hypocritical positions.

That Ham Hamid Karzai, bathrobe by Wimbledon, hat by Mennan

The scenario is exceedingly unlikely and appears to be less a serious statement of policy than an Afghan overture to Pakistan, just days after Karzai and U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said Islamabad must do more to crack down on militants using its territory as a staging ground for attacks on Afghanistan.

Wimbledon, sponsoring Ham’d Karzai since 2001

“If fighting starts between Pakistan and the U.S., we are beside Pakistan,” Karzai said is an interview with private Pakistani television station GEO that aired Saturday.

“If Pakistan is attacked and the people of Pakistan need Afghanistan’s help, Afghanistan will be there with you.”

Don Francisco sez: May all your Sábados be Gigante!

At least with the first name Hamid, we know Ham’d does not keep halal.

Let’s sail west, shall we, to the warmer clime of Marin-tin-tin-land. Home to our friend, the renowned fashionista and well-tempered bloggalier, Bookworm. Ladies, Gentlemen, and San (not Don) Franciscans, Book has finally confessed that she is:

 a barefoot person.  Although I was a fashion plate in my 20s (when they still made petites for short people not medium ones, and when I thought I had money to burn), my style today is very utilitarian.

As a barefoot person, was she referencing the below specimen?

Bear Foot, modeled by Tom Boddingham, not Bookworm. . . 

How did that bear foot happen? Simple:

Tom Boddingham was trying to order a size 14.5 monster slipper from an online company, Monster Slippers, but he must have put the decimal point in the wrong position. Because when the monster slipper arrived at his door it was bigger than him.

Boddingham told the Daily Mail:

“It was sent directly from Hong Kong and measures 210 x 130 x 65cm – the same length as a grizzly bear or a family car. I must be the owner of the biggest slipper in the world… I’m going to sell it online, and if I can make a few quid out of it then all the better.”

Final thought: All intelligence indicates that Bookworm does not suffer a known weakness for bear footsies. Nor has she ever wroten the verboten about said moccasins or considered christening her blog the Barefooted Blawger. (Although a nasty rumor, circulating amongst certain villainous circles, postulates that she very nearly almost titled her literary cottage: das Laundresse. . .)

I am

Mid-flight, yelling Allahu Akbar, but not a terrorist.

Not brilliant, but at least I say it aloud.

An adult baby, living on your tax dollars.

Lazy, for refusing to get out of bed to do an interview.

European, and would ban reality if I could.

Not Caesar, but will still mangle quotes by him.

A crazed killer, with man-boobs.

Stupid, for spitting on the hand that feeds me.

Anti-military, for not accepting a ROTC program.

Revolutionary, and not the poser, 99% kind.

Upside-down, and still beating you.

Learning sign-language.

A Ferrari, with two wheels.


Lady Gaga Almost Gives Bill Clinton a Heart Attack

A Decade of DIfference

The former President Bill Clinton threw a party on Saturday for both his 65th Birthday and his charity, the WIlliam J. Clinton Foundation. All the stars, has-beens, and will-bes were there.

Joni Mitchell and that traitor Jane Fonda. Who smokes in public anymore?

Specifically, the concert:

“A Decade of Difference,” doubled as Bill Clinton’s 65th birthday party and brought out a group of activism-inclined singers to fete the initiative and a former president currently on an unexpected tide of nostalgia, based largely on the foundation’s work abroad on a variety of economic and political justice issues and its efforts at combating disease.

Stevie Wonder, Kenny Chesney, the Somali singer K’Naan, Colombian rocker Juanes, Usher and U2’s Bono and the Edge joined Gaga for a four-hour show that felt a bit like a pop music Davos — a reminder that the big players of geopolitics still look to musicians for a certain vitality and influence.

Edge+Bono = U1

As indicated, many music stars performed, including the Edge and Bono from U2. The awol’ish other members of U2 prompted the thought: just maybe the Bone-man and the Gillette Edge were starting their own group. If so, perhaps U1 might be an appropriate title, no?

Some dressed appropriately, others not so much. Let’s look at some of the sartorial offerings shall we?

Kenny Chesney, Usher, and Grace Potter

Kenny Chesney forgot to wear a t-shirt underneath his sweater.

Usher, an R&B singer, goes 80s with a Michael Jackson inspired zippery number. The thing with Michael is that his initials were among the best initials in the world. I forget why, only that MJ has a poetic resonance.

And Grace Potter looks radiant in leather. I know nothing about Grace other than familiarity with her brother, Harry. Who gradauated from an Ivy League school known as Hogwarts.

Lady Gaga impersonating Marilyn Monroe, Maria Bello and her grungey-looking son, Patricia Arquette impersonating Glenn Close, and Lindsay Lohan flashing the V

Lady Gaga actually embarrassed the former President with her Marilyn Monroe impersonation:

But the night was Gaga’s, even if her kittenish and bawdy set might have made for an interesting ride home from the Bowl in the Clinton caravan. Playing atop what looked like a Nordic tree fort, she dedicated “You & I” to Hillary with some eyebrow-cocking overtones. Even Bill had to admit in a later speech, “I thought I was going to have a heart attack from Gaga on my birthday.”