James Hood Dies, Robert Chew Dies

Trending in the news this morning are two notable deaths. James Hood was one of two students (along with Vivian Juanita Malone Jonesthat George Wallace faced down at the University of Alabama. I respect James Hood, for his calls of forgiveness and moderation. Like this picture with George Wallace much later in life. Robert Chew was an accomplished actor who played Proposition Joe on the HBO series The Wire. Which I’ve never seen. Although some of the Sailors at an old Navy command (three commands ago, yikes) could not stop talking about it. (Note: old Navy, not Old Navy. My old Navy. Not the clothes store Old Navy. Or the British offshoot Olde Shiver Me Timbers Navy.)

HBO’s Angry Boys

I have never heard of this show, but HBO has a program called Angry Boys. And they recently aired an episode that was highly offensive:

Cult comedy Angry Boys aims to shock viewers with its mockumentary style humor, but one right wing group thinks the HBO hit has gone too far and accuses a recent episode of being “akin to showing child pornography.”

Go to the link for more info. It’s pathetic when entertainment mixes juveniles and sex.