French, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Vietnamese

French, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Vietnamese Rosetta StoneLanguage, in its simplest form, is music. Before you speak it and understand it, you hear its melody and can decide if the sounds are pleasant or not. The French may be a handful to deal with (and several have pretended that they did not understand me if I have very slightly mispronounced French words), but the language has a beauty to it.

I like the sound of a lot of Arabic too. I know this may be a minority opinion, but I appreciate the way it flows. Conversely, I don’t particularly resonate with the rhythm of German, Hebrew, or Portuguese. Please understand (if those are your mother tongues) that I am speaking, writing not of the people, but of the language. I am simply a linguist observing and listening to sounds and deciding whether I superficially like the music.

I am studying Japanese and find it pleasing. None of the vocalizations are too difficult. Rosetta Stone is excellent at “hearing” what you say and rating your pronunciation.

Call me a language nerd, but I like going on YouTube and finding clips of television shows in foreign tongues and listening to them.

French, Arabic, German, Hebrew, Portuguese, and Vietnamese Rosetta StoneA Vietnamese video called Hài kiều Oanh- Lừa Gạt (Kieu Oanh Comedy-fool) convinces me that I do not want to learn Vietnamese. It is too cat-like for my tastes. Yes, this is superficial, but trust me, learning a language is like getting a tattoo. You had better like that grim reaper on your forearm a lot. It’ll be with you the rest of your life.

And as far as Kieu Oanh’s video, I apologize for the creepy gender-insanity that occurs at the 2:30 minute mark. Big-time kudos to you if you made it that far. Even though I am not a Vietnam vet, I had flashbacks to the war I never served in just watching that video.

Hey GI, me love you…