Paging All Bay Area Gun Experts: After-Action Report

Thank you for your overwhelming response to the gun bleg, both in the comments section and by email.

We have a winner! Dan who “has been training cops, soldiers and “others” to shoot for almost 30 years….in the SF Bay area.” He will be guiding our fearless heroine Bookworm at the range. (Hand Salute: Pax for tipping Dan off as to the bleg.)

I will be sending some dough-ray-me to the range and Mike from Confederate Yankee generously offered to do the same. Education and encouragement of newcomers to the safe handling and use of guns is a great way to advance public perception and to support the 2nd Amendment.

Why all women don’t learn to shoot is beyond me. A gun negates any natural size and strength advantage a male criminal might have over a woman. As was once said of Sam Colt: God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.

Thank you to reader El Viejo who suggested Bullseye in San Rafael. (In his own words: In fact, ladies shoot free on Friday.) El V, Book may take you up on your excellent suggestion in the future. My guess is that once she squeezes off a couple, she is going to fall in love again with the sport.

Thanks also to Old NFO who suggested the Cal Guns Women‘s page. Ol’Fo is truly an officer and a gentlemen and an aviator, a lethal combination in a mere mortal. But then again, naval aviators are not mortal now, are they?

Next up to the podium, I have to thank BobSledBob for his suggestion: Richmond Rod & Gun hosts “Women on Target” at regular intervals, call 510-620-9519 for more info.

And lastly, Roberta X commented: So, I suppose a quick road trip to Indianapolis is Right Out…? (In all srsness, given the state-by-state variation in firearms law, you are wise to look to locals first.) Roberta, I like your can-do spirit!

Hand Salute to: Gunmart and Heels and Handguns for their support. Any other folks who I may have missed, thank you. Bookworm, I look forward to hearing of your success! The range is hot. . .

Paging All Bay Area Gun Experts

Doris Day as Calamity J
Buffalo B as Buffalo B

Attention all Calamity Janes!

Attention all Buffalo Bills!

A sister in the Bay Area (San Francisco, California) is in need of your expert shootin’ skills.

Bookworm from Bookworm Room wants to go hot at the range, but she lacks the proper instruction. Yes, she can go to a school or perhaps travel to the range alone. Even better: I can bleg my battle-hardened, brilliant readers. For a Bay Area Annie O or Wild Bill to hook a California blogger up with some instruction. Go here and read her comments below. Or peruse her own blogpost about her previous experiences. Did I mention that a big-time celebrity quoted her on his show?

Here is the thing: the first fifty bucks in ammo is on me. If you must dust off your ol’ MP-5 and put 200 rounds through it (to test your twitchy, arthritic trigger-finger), than so be it. I will pay for your shiny brass.

Even those Mark grenade launchers the Marines use, are fair game. I like the satisfying thunk they make when they fire off. It is a sound distinctly American, the thunk of freedom. Yes, if you must pop off some of those babies, by all means, go get some. On my nickel. . .(or hundreds of nickels. . .)

Eat this

One caveat: I must draw the line at RPG rounds. Real jihadis, not mellow ones, use them and I cannot under a good conscience bankroll your jihadi adventure.

Not that!

So let’s talk supply line and locale. As Sun Tzu once uttered: carefully guard your line of supplies. Then you will be able to fight with advantage. The Book’ster is in the North Bay, think Marinish. (Note to our USMC sistern: Marinish is not Marineish.) So to keep your supply line short, the North Bay locale would be ideal for your little O.K. Coralling. Okay?

Can you hook a gun newb up? Or, perhaps several folks can meet at the range?

Why am I doing this? Well, even though we have not met, Bookworm gave me the initial impetus to blog. I avoided it in the past because I am still active-duty. So this is a way to tip the scaly scales of life back to level.

Bruce - Swamp People
Sniper Ghillie Suit

Also, please be presentable. No: Oshkosh B’gosh overalls minus a t-shirt. Yes: sniper ghillie suit. Remember, Bookworm is a pillar of society. We are trying to encourage her to embrace the 2nd Amendment, not to noseplug it.

And if it were not already apparently obvious, San Fran Nando need not apply. She may be (maybe) a reader of this blog, but I must draw the line on putting friends around that woman when she is armed. In her own words: America must be a light to the world, not just a missile. Roger, Nancy. If that is how you feel, no range missiles for you!

PS Did I mention: the first half honey of ammo is on me?!?

PPS We can settle on a time that is convenient for all happy parties once you volunteer. (You, waving your Mississippi hand in the back of the classroom. Have you been listening? Bay Area. Book is not driving all the way to BF, Sippi no matter how many custom varmint rifles you want her to squeeze.)

PPPS Here is where I shamelessly link to a bunch of gun bloggers to get their attention. Hey guys, hey ladies, a little help?

PPPPS Darn that took a while. Alright, enough is enough. No more. (Okay, maybe a handful more. Did I leave anyone out? No. Good. . .)

PPPPPS I can’t emphasize enough how important Wounded Warriors is as a charity. Here is a gun blogger (Carteach0) who has a bleg of his own for them. (Hand Salute: Old NFO, who has yet another bleg for a worthwhile cause!) When it rains, it pours.

PPPPPPS Latest update here.