Supporters for the Ground Zero Mosque

Concerning the Ground Zero Mosque, the Cordoba Corporation, Robert Leslie Deak, Moshira Soliman, and Feisal Abdul Rauf, the following comment rebutted my story:

It seems like so many are ready to crucify this Imam based on claims made by a questionable source without a shred of proof. This story caught my eye and a simple internet search showed that Robert Leslie Deak (who filed the lawsuit against the Imam) is himself the subject of a lawsuit in DC that has been going on for more than a year. That lawsuit claims that Deak stole $1.5m from the Imam’s charity. The judge in the DC case refused to dismiss the fraud and unjust enrichment claims against Deak and his wife because there were sufficient facts to support the claims.
Deak’s complaint against Feisal does not really have much by way of specific facts vs. broad sweeping allegations. It sure seems like Deak filed his suit in NY in retaliation and to throw everyone off his scent (or stench) in the DC case. Some really crappy reporting going on in this story.

Stench? Scent? I think erecting a mosque two blocks from the WTC reeks too.