Trotter, French Bulldog Hipster

Someone at my Navy command asked what a hipster is. And rather than describing their irony, I will allow Trotter the French Bulldog to portray his hipsterism:

Trotter, French Bulldog, hipster
Trotter, French Bulldog, hipster, Sonya Yu’s pal

Owner and Trotter’s photographer Sonya Yu said her little pup is simply a natural in front of the camera. “I think she has an inkling that she’s famous. People get very excited to meet her in person. It’s like they’re meeting a celebrity.”

Mr. Quigley or Mr. Quiggly?

I finally found my new kicks, red Skechers GoRuns.
The challenge is that I gotta buy ’em by the fours:

Mr. Quigley in Skecher GoRuns

 Yes, my name is Mr. Quigley and I am a Super Bowl commercial star:

Skechers’ :15 teaser of its new :30 Super Bowl commercial on YouTube features a  French bulldog named Mr. Quigley wearing red Skechers running shoes as a late entry in a greyhound dog race.

Wait, hold your bulldogs! This website spells my name differently, Mr Quiggly:

The :30 above will air in the second quarter. A French bulldog, Mr. Quiggly, uses his GoRun sneakers to outrun some greyhounds at a dog track. Mark Cuban costars.

Mr. Quiggly in Skecher GO Runs

Could someone hook a dog up?
With the correct spelling of my name. I’s confused.