Diana Falzone, Hardnose Military Reporter

Diana Falzone, Fox News
Diana Falzone

If you read military.com, you might be aware of Diana Falzone. She had a blog there called My Wingman Diana. And she has now moved to Fox News, reporting such nuggets as:

In the 90s, Jennifer Aniston’s haircut, a.k.a. “The Rachel,” probably seemed awesome. But her famed stylist wasn’t even sober when he created the iconic look.

Chris McMillan recently admitted he was “high as a kite” when he cut the blonde beauty’s hair… oops.

Hmm, I may have to rethink my title. Diana Falzone, Hardnose Hollywood Reporter?

I Love Drilling Juice & Smoothie Bar

The I Love Drilling Juice & Smoothie Bar is charging certain customers more for their smoothies. And Fox News blew the story by jacking up the headline: Utah smoothly bar owner charges liberals $1 extra per drink:

Utah smoothly bar owner charges liberals $1 extra per drink
Utah smoothly bar owner charges liberals $1 extra per drink?

Good job, George Burnett. (He’s the bar owner.) You did that smoothly!

Military Still at Work

Amid all the politicking is this reality, that us in the military will still be out tomorrow doing our jobs. I see Fox News has called the presidential election. That does not faze these guys:

Marines with the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit pick up trash in the streets of the New York City borough of Staten Island on Monday. The 26th MEU is able to provide generators, fuel, clean water and helicopter lift capabilities to aid the local government in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy.

Ostracizing Samantha Pawlucy

Samantha Pawlucy, of Port Richmond, attends Charles Carroll High School

I work with a woman (who drops by this blog occasionally) at my job. She is nearing retirement after quite a long, successful career in the Navy. And she told me that at her daughter’s high school, the US History teacher asked the class if anyone watched Fox News. And then she/he (I forget which) berated them for doing so.

My Navy pal also mentioned that her daughter has heard this sort of thing before, in her physics class, of all places. Of course, it pales in comparison to what Samantha Pawlucy, from Port Richmond (Charles Carroll High School), had to go through for wearing a Mitt Romney shirt to school. As you probably know, I stay apolitical here, but ostracizing students does not make for a healthy educational system. And I would say the same should the sides be reversed.

Fox News Reports on My Iraq

I once had the opportunity to be around a minor story before the media heard of it. Iraq was the topic and I should not say much more about content. Over the next couple of days, I watched as the usual suspects reported about the situation.

Fox News Channel

As stated, it was a tiny occurrence, but still newsworthy. And you know who put the most relevant and correct information into their piece? Fox News. Some of the other organizations cut some of the story out. It was interesting how it tended to color the facts.

Interesting too, is who hates Fox News. None other than Team Osama bin Laden:

“As for Fox News let her die in her anger,” the group’s American-born media advisor,  Adam Gadahn, wrote to Usama bin Laden, in discussing where to send a video. Later, in comparing American television networks, he wrote, “From a professional point of view, they are all on one level — except (Fox News) channel, which falls into the abyss as you know, and lacks objectivity, too.”

If I were in charge of advertising for Fox, I would have that line on 24/7. We report. And you. . .

Sexual Assault and the Military: A Marine Responds

Fox News talking-head Liz Trotta spouted off on the military and rape. And America’s 1st Sergeant took the challenge and set her straight:

It’s bad enough the media delights in portraying the military as mentally disturbed sociopaths itching to indulge in a multi-state killing spree at the slightest provocation. Nice to know I can add leg humping to the list of psychological issues I must have since I’m a veteran.

“You have this whole bureaucracy upon bureaucracy being built up with all kinds of levels of people to support women in the military who are now being raped too much.”

Honestly, go read the rest. It is a well-crafted response to a silly assertion.