Subway Uproar

When I was at the Defense Language Institute, I had something of a weakness for Subway. Tuesday was our day. We would pile into someone’s car after PT, all sweaty, and go to the Subway down the hill. The workers got to know us, tired Navy Sailors that we were, as we ate there all the time. The joke was that I ate a hundred feet or more of subway subs while at A School. Now I find out my stats may have been inflated:

Subway have finally responded to international criticism that their footlong sandwiches only appear to be 11 inches long.

Subway Uproar, footlong sub sandwich not a foot at Subway
Subway Uproar, footlong sub sandwich not a foot at Subway

But their reply won’t win them any new fans, as they claimed that the word footlong is a ‘registered trademark as a descriptive name for the sub’ and ‘not intended to be a measurement of length.’

A man in Australia started uproar on Tuesday when he posted a photo on the company’s Facebook page of one of its footlong subs next to a tape measure showing the sandwich as just 11 inches.

I’m not terribly worried. Five bucks for a foot almost a foot of food is still a deal. I am thinking, this is a joke of some sort? Sort of an international prank?