A Fireman’s Carry for Non-Firemen

Invariably, being a bruiser, I get stuck with some large galoop when it comes to the fireman’s carry in Navy PT. Like poor Sgt. Andre Lobban, carrying a lively looking casualty:

U.S. Army Sgt. Andre Lobban, a spur candidate with Palehorse Troop, 4th Squadron, 2nd Cavalry Regiment carries a casualty through a simulated minefield during a spur ride, Operation Swift Saber.

Um ladies, please un-doff (put on) your earmuffs. Guys, should you be ever be carried in a fireman’s carry, please make sure you are (properly) anatomically arranged. If you are ill-prepared south of the equator, in your tropical region, it’ll be a mistake you’ll never make again. I speak from experience. The bad news, I was in pain for about thirty minutes. The good news, I was finally able to sing La Donna Mobile in soprano. A feat not repeated in the Northern Hemisphere since my incident. . .

An Air Force Sergeant Goes for the Record

A fireman’s carry is a killer exercise. It’ll get your heart racing. My first LPO had a thing for them and we used to do them up and down the football field. Gotta hand it to Air Force Tech. Sgt. Gary Eyster and Staff Sgt. Heath Conley. The TSgt may even have a Guinness World Record:

Air Force Tech. Sgt. Gary Eyster carries Staff Sgt. Heath Conley to the finish line in his attempt to break a record in the mile fireman’s carry Thursday at Vance Air Force Base, Okla. Eyster reportedly finished with a time of 14:43, breaking a world record of 15:11. The time has to be verified by representatives of the Guinness Book of World Records before it is official.