The Zumwalt-Class Destroyer

The Zumwalt-class destroyer is an interesting ship, with three currently planned prior to a broader decision from the Navy brass. The crew will be around 150 Sailors, following the LCS pattern of minimal crew size. At 600 feet, the destroyer will be our largest yet:

Zumwalt-class destroyer
Zumwalt-class destroyer

The Navy says online that Zumwalt destroyers (three are scheduled to be built) have a “wave-piercing Tumblehome ship design (that) has provided a wide array of advancements. The composite superstructure significantly reduces cross section and acoustic output making the ship less transparent to enemies at sea. The design also allows for optimal manning with a standard crew size of 148 sailors thereby decreasing lifecycle operations and support costs.

“(Zumwalt) DDG will employ active and passive sensors and a Multi-Function Radar (MFR) capable of conducting area air surveillance, including over-land, throughout the extremely difficult and cluttered sea-land interface. Each ship features a battery of two Advanced Gun Systems (AGS) firing Long-Range Land Attack Projectiles (LRLAP) that reach up to 63 nautical miles, providing a three-fold range improvement in naval surface fires coverage.”

Love the Facebook comments about how ugly it is. . .

Facebook Thinks I’m Dead

Imagine if Facebook thought you were dead. And they turned your normally jolly Facebook page into a memorial page. That is precisely what occurred to Rusty Foster. His friends pranked him and emailed Facebook an obituary of a guy named Rusty Foster. Except, of course, it was another Rusty. A far rustier one, born in 1924. Sheesh, I hope no NavyOnes die this week. . .

Venting on Facebook

On the right side of the Facebook page for the Discovery Channel, there is a place for the audience to leave messages. And most folks are not happy about American Guns being cancelled in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook tragedy. Discovery also has a picture section with chopper photos detailing the results (Paul Junior vs Jesse James vs Fast N Loud vs Paul Senior) of Chopper Live, the Revenge:

Chooper Live Competition. Paul Junior versus Jesse James versus Fast N Loud verus Paul Senior
Chooper Live Competition. Paul Junior vs Jesse James vs Fast N Loud vs Paul Senior

I do like Paul Junior’s bike. Classic and clean. . .

2013 Dodge Dart Jump Seat

The 2013 Dodge Dart has a space under the front seat to store schtuff. It is like a hinged jump seat. Pop it up, and you have a first aid kit:

2013 Dodge Dart R/T under-seat storage

Should you be an exotic car aficionado (Italian for cashew, almond nut), you probably should check out the ishoothotrods Facebook page. They have all sorts of sweet sleds. Like this Pantera GTS:

Pantera GTS

I’ve heard of backseat drivers, but a backseat engine?

Some Forces Are More Special Than Others

Yes, these are Libyan Special Forces. Observe their Marine Corps-ish camouflage. (And camo t-shirts.) Cringe at their Facebook-like poses. Ignore the cover on backwards:

Newly graduated members of the special forces of the Libyan Navy celebrate on the street after their graduation ceremony in Tripoli, July 3, 2012

Writer’s Digest Teaches Bloggers Almost Nothing

Writer’s Digest is a magazine that could be either annoying or helpful. They spam you with all sorts of emails detailing their latest junk articles. And occasionally, very very rarely, they strew an emerald among the gravel.

Their latest masterpiece is titled: THE 12 DOS AND DON’TS OF WRITING A BLOG. Of which, I pass and fail in my usual manner:

Find your focus.

Really? I fail. I write what I enjoy or what strikes me at the time. Yes, I miss stories. But only because I have nothing to add to them. The latest Marine Corps crash? I did not blog it. I thought it tragic, but I had nothing to add that was not already known. God bless those guys, would be perhaps my only addition.

Be relatable, be yourself.

4 I’s: I don’t know. I think I am relatable. I post a lot. I enjoy myself.

Use links within your posts.

Include images.

Respond to blog comments.

Yup. Yup. And yup.

Post to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Anywhere Else You Can.

No. I. Don’t. Post. Anywhere. But. Here. (And I have a Facebook app that posts automatically to F’book. But it is often f’booked up. . .)

Okay, here are the things not to do:

Set Unrealistic Goals.

Too late. I set goals and surpassed them a long time ago. I did not intend to be unread. But once I met a consistent readership, I just enjoy posting.

Limit your word count.

I don’t limit my word count. Although, I have not written the long 1.5K word-long posts recently. I may. Tomorrow. That is what a blog is for, right? Spontaneity.

Make grammar mistakes.

I ain’t never.

Be negative.

Too late.

Write long paragraphs.

Not me.

Avoid trying new things.

I am trying this, right?

Here is the bottom line: do your thing. Write your blog however you want. Have fun. Follow your fire. Write what makes you laugh. Or what gets your hackles up. Wherever your hackles are. . .

Hi Lola!

Chances are, you know you a Lola. And she is somewhat on the hairy side. As in, her left side is hairy. And her right side is hairy too! ‘Cuz Lola is the most popular name for female dogs and cats:

Top Ten Trendiest Pet Names

Truth be told, we’ve come a long way from the days when names like Spot and Fido sufficed.

And we should know, since we culled Vetstreet’s records to determine the feline and canine names that have been trending up over the past 12 years.

For some added insight about these increasingly popular names, we also asked Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard and creator of, to help us make sense of why less-than-expected monikers, such as Zoey and Bentley, are all the rage these days.

I am just hoping Lola is going to Facebook friend me. You know: whatever Lola wants. . .

The Obligatory Facebook Post

Have you heard of this few nangled new-fangled thingee called Facebook? No?!? Allow me to introduce it to you. Despite the name, my Facebook site features neither faces, nor books.

It does have however highlight the following poetic mastery as its first and only post:
Navy One
Welcome folks to my first Facebook post!
13 minutes ago ·  · 

Please remain calm. I know the above post is bordering on profound, inciting the very hearts of poetic souls to soar. (Think Lord Byron, Hamlet, Mr Roper. Or Mr. Furley, I always mix those two up.)

So what am I going to do with my Facebook page? I have not the foggiest. I really don’t. I don’t Facebook (is that a verb too?) in my private life. So I imagine I am in for a steep learning curve.

What I would like to do: share my posts over there, as well as here. Yet, I am not acquainted with the special tube that enables this transit. But I will find it.

Interesting observation, I have an advertisement on my Facebook page offering Ice Dam Roofing Solutions. Living in the lovely Republic of California, I do not require such a cold-weather fix. But the website has a little gimmick, it features three nail sounds when you click on it. Tap, tap, tap. Wooster Roofing, you owe me!

In the meantime, anyone who understands this new Facebook gizmo feel free to offer suggestions either by comments or by email. I have not felt this befuddled since I wore out my abacus and had to move up to a clothes-line/clothes-pin contraption. I always forget which way to slide the pins!

Update: Excellent, someone on Facebook “liked” me. Wait, the gentlemen appears vaguely ursine-like. Argggh, it is my nemesis, Digs! We meet yet again, Digger. Prepare ye yourself for our final battle. . .