Crying and Something Else

What would you do if every time you went to the bathroom you cried? One poor girl has to deal with this very issue:

A little girl in England seemed perfectly fine except for one thing: her eyes welled up with tears every time she peed.

In fact, a rare situation in which the eyes produce tears when a person passes urine may be more common that thought — because it’s painless, and perhaps more of an inconvenience than anything else, people may be unlikely to seek medical help for it, researchers in England who dealt with the little girl’s case reported today

The girl checks out as normal during an examination. And her condition is not new:

The problem began when the girl was just weeks old. An ultrasound of her kidneys revealed nothing abnormal, and there were no signs dry eyes or of any other medical problem.

The researchers searched the medical literature, and found only one other formal report of a similar case, from 1932. In that case, a young man who was a medical student reported a “copious flow of dears during defecation and urination.”

Copious flow of dears? That last line has to be a typo. Of course, they mean tears. Or was a big crowd of folks thronging him when he was trying to conduct personal business? What could be called minding your pees and queues.

I tell you, these typos by professionals are enough to make me cry. Whhaaaa! Now I got to the bathroom. Wait, what is going on here? I thought it worked the other way. . .