Dear Abby Corrects Me About Phil’s BBQ

This weekend, I had some barbecue. It was delicious. Pork short ribs and (cue Bronx growl) a quartah shicken.  How short were the ribs, you ask? Very short. But reading this Dear Abby advice column below, I realize I gotta be careful when I go to Phil’s Barbecue: 

DEAR ABBY: Is it ever proper to wear your napkin tucked into your shirt collar when dining out, instead of placing it on your lap? Traditionally, a napkin is placed on the lap to prevent soiling of the clothing, I would guess. But some plus-sized folks and women with large bustlines don’t usually have food reach their laps, just their shirts. So what do you think? — JUST WONDERING IN NEW JERSEY

DEAR JUST WONDERING: Your napkin belongs in your lap when dining out, regardless of what size you are. According to Emily Post, “an exception can be made for the elderly or infirm.” So if you are neither of those, consider carrying a stain remover “pen” with you in case there is a slip twixt the fork and the lip.

Darn. So much for my dicey table-manners. I may have to learn more from this Ms. Post.