Two Indian Chief Dark Horse Motorcycles, a Hundred Miles of Road

When you are deployed, you sometimes carry around a happy memory to keep you going. Some are real (like your family.) And some are imagined, like a car you want to get or that boat you wanna buy, but can’t afford. When things get tough, either deployed or on shore-duty, I like to goof around about motorcycles.

I came up on one of the over-worked civilians who works at my command and told him: Screw it, let’s go get us some Indian Chiefs and hit it. We can tear up the road. De-stress with a little motorcycle exhaust. Whad’ja say?

Indian Chief Dark Horse
Indian Chief Dark Horse

Sir, no can do. Got my eye on that Ducatti. And he pointed to a Duc Monster 696 poster.

C’mon, I bought two Dark Horses and everything. One for you. Let’s git. . .

Ahhhhhh, nope. . . 

Oh well, guess I gotta keep it. Call me an Indian giver. (Scout’s honor, that was the line!)