PBJ and PH2 b

In two seemingly unrelated stories, bread meets space. As in peanut-butter-and-jelly favorite, Wonder Bread, has found a home:

 Hostess has found a new home for most of its breads, including Wonder, Nature’s Pride and Merita.

Wonder Bread 8 Essential NutrientsThe bankrupt company maker of Twinkies, Devil Dogs and other snack cakes said late Friday that it selected bids by rival bakery Flower Foods Inc. to buy the breads for $390 million. Flower Foods, based in Thomasville, Ga., is best known for Tastykakes but also makes breads including Nature’s Own and Cobblestone Mill.

And an all-star team has discovered a new planet called PH2 b:

A moon around newly found planet PH2 b
A moon around PH2 b

Forty volunteers with the crowd-sourcing Planet Hunters project discovered the new planet candidates, which include 15 potentially habitable worlds and PH2 b, a Jupiter-size planet that the team confirmed to be in the habitable zone of its parent star.

There you go, PBJ and  PH2 b. One deliciously tasty, one astronomically distant.

Cuddly Marine Corps

New Marine ad:

The Sound of Chaos with the courage and resolve to silence it. Marines.com

They’ve long been known as devil dogs, leathernecks and “the first to fight.” But Marines, with their self-described expertise in “killing people and breaking things,” now want to promote their kinder side as well.

A new Marine Corps advertising campaign starting this weekend takes its cue from research showing today’s recruit-age generation is interested in helping people. So the campaign is crafted to show Marines not only as warriors but as humanitarians and peacekeepers; not only as courageous but also as compassionate.

I don’t want Marines kind. I want them as nasty as we can get away with. I want ’em with one bad azz swagga’. I want them to strike fear into our unshowered, unbathed enemies. Of which, we have many. Yes, I want to keep all Leathernecks out of the brig, out of civilian jails, but I want ’em tough. And so should you.

“There are a few who move toward the sounds of chaos … toward the sounds of tyranny, injustice and despair,” a voice says. “Which way would you run?”

The question is a subtle appeal to the generation known as millennials, who said in a survey that they believe in giving back to society, voting in national elections and “helping people in need, wherever they may live,” said Marshall Lauck, director of the Marine Corps’ advertising account at JWT ad agency.

Which way would you run? Shut the front door! Damn, Marshall, you fired. Go back and look at: the Few, the Proud, the Chosen, the Navy Sailors. And: we are looking for a few, good Sailors. And apply that edge to the Marine Corps. It ain’t hard. . .