Free “I Served” Sticker to Non-Flag Stompers

I served Iraq, Afghanistan, Desert Storm, VietnamNavy Times is offering a free I Served (in) Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, or Desert Storm sticker for all those who have served.

I’ll bet I know of one person who does not want the sticker, the Chapin High School English teacher (South Carolina) who repeatedly stomped on the flag in class to make a point.

Please ignore my pet peeve of folks misspelling or misidentifying Berkeley in the comments. Like Sergeant First Class Brice Harris who calls it UCLA-Berkeley. C’mon SFC, I expect better. Two separate schools, Berkeley and UCLA. Separated by almost 400 miles!

I Have Seen in Your Eyes

I have seen in your eyes a fire of determination to get this war done quickly.
My confidence in you is total, our cause is just.
Now you must be the thunder and lightning of Desert Storm
–General H. Norman Schwarzkopf 

Business Insider, who graciously supplied the above picture, racked and stacked the costs of all the wars in our history. Inflation adjusted, they are:

– American Revolution cost $2.41 billion
– War of 1812 cost $1.55 billion
– Mexican War cost $2.38 billion
– Civil War costs $79.7 billion for both sides
– Spanish American War cost $9.03 billion
– World War 1 cost $334 billion
– World War 2 cost $4,104 billion
– Korean War cost $341 billion
– Vietnam cost $738 billion
– Persian Gulf War cost 102 billion
– Afghanistan war cost $321 billion
– Iraq war cost $784 billion

That rather puts things into perspective. I knew WWII was an expensive war, both in terms of manpower and supplies (to say nothing of the KIA/MIA) but did not realize it was that high. It was thirteen times the cost of our ten-year Afghanistan conflict. I have no agenda in posting this. Only in that it is interesting. . .