The Admiral’s Son, Corey Robinson

David Robinson will always be the Admiral. The Naval Academy grad and San Antonio Spur’s son, Corey Robinson, is not following in his father’s large footsteps. Rather he is a four-star wide receiver at San Antonio Christian. And the U.S. Army All-American is headed to Notre Dame next year. Corey, just stay away from anyone named Manti Te’o, Lennay Kekua, or Ronaiah Tuiasosopo.

The Admiral’s Son Turns His Back on the Fleet

The Admiral’s son has gone and done it. He has effectively pulled a Benedict Arnold on all of us. Not only is David Robinson’s offspring not going to Canoe U, that cuddly little junior-college also known as the USNA, he is going to the enemy, Notre Dame:

Corey Robinson, a 6-foot-4, sure-handed wide receiver at San Antonio Christian High School, has committed to play football at Notre Dame next season, according to multiple reports.

The son of Naval Academy grad and Basketball Hall of Famer David Robinson, Corey had considered following his father’s path to Annapolis, albeit in a different sport.

There is a word for this. Payback. It is coming. The Academy plays Notre Broad every year and it won’t be pretty the next time. Heck, was it not just a couple of years ago the ring-knockers* finally beat the Irish after 43 years of futility? The giant leprechauns of South Bend better bring their A-game.

* For those who believe that ring-knocking (slang term for Academy grads) is a fairy-tale, it happens. LIterally. I was in McGuire’s (with some OSC classmates who were going through the Pensacola aviation pipeline) and some USNA troll tapped on the table with his ring as we walked by. It was obnoxious. Or perhaps, he was just tapping on the table and meant nothing of it?