Sweetening the deal…

Those cheeky chap’s over there in Cuba really know how to sweeten a deal, especially when it involves ten thousand tons of sugarCuba says missiles found hidden in sugar aboard North Korean ship were being sent to the secretive state ‘for repairs’ article-2366581-1ADA5C46000005DC-158_636x383However, deep beneath the sugar housed in forty foot containers are two hundred and forty metric tons of ‘obsolete Soviet weaponry’ destined for North Korea. A simple mistake any one could make when packing in a hurry?                                                     Yours Aye.

Fish Grabs Man’s Arm

When I was stationed at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, we used to go out fishing on the bay several times a month. The tarpon used to swim by our boat like hulking submarines. They truly are a sight to behold. And in this video, the giant fish grabs a man’s arm and refuses to let go. . .

fish grabs man's arm, Tarpon
A Tarpon Fish grabs man’s arm

Usually in fishing, the object is to hook the fish. With a hook, not the crook of your arm.

Cuba, that Hellhole, and Their Olympics Gear

Any honest person, in looking at current pictures of Cuba, know it to be a backwater dump. No new cars, no industry to speak of, with the exception of perhaps cigars (tobacco), sugar, and mining. I’ve known many great Cubans who came to America and became successful. So I am not bagging on the people, only their governmental leadership.

Let’s look at the pole vaulting pole of one of their Olympic pole vaulters, Lazaro Borges:

Lazaro Borges, Cuban track and field athlete, shattered his pole into three pieces during the London 2012 Olympics

It shattered in three pieces. Amazing. Poor guy. Defect Lazaro. . .  

USS Cole Attacker to Face Military Tribunal

USS Cole, Unwavered in Mission

In October of 2000, the Navy suffered a tremendous blow in the USS Cole attack. To this day, it greatly affects the way we execute force-protection.

One of the ringleaders of the assault is finally facing a military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay. As a former Gitmo Sailor, I wholeheartedly endorse the tribunal process as a vehicle to prosecute enemy combatants. It truly is the best option, after we extract the intel they carry:

The main suspect in the USS Cole bombing goes before a judge Wednesday at Guantanamo, the first case to move forward at the war court since President Barack Obama ordered military trials to resume.

Saudi-born Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, 46, faces the death penalty for allegedly planning and preparing the October 2000 attack on the US Navy destroyer in Yemen’s port of Aden that killed 17 sailors and wounded 40 more.

Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, Not Carlos Leon

al-Nashiri is being defended by a Navy Lieutenant Commander, a Judge Advocate General (JAG.) In terms of billets, this one certainly smacks of difficulty. I am not a lawyer, but that is one position I would not want. The LCDR had this to say:

Nevertheless, “the defendant doesn’t have the rights protection required in a capital case,” said Lieutenant Commander Stephen Reyes, one of Nashiri’s lawyers.

“Here they try to put him to death without giving him a chance to confront his accusers,” he told AFP.

One of the advantages of a tribunal is that it occurs behind closed doors and can be sealed as a way to protect classified information:

Sailors line-handling on the USS Cole

Washington has asked the military judge presiding over the case that any classified information be protected at all times.

“Because the accused was detained and interrogated in the CIA program, he was exposed to classified sources, methods and activities,” the government said in its motion.

“Due to his exposure to classified information, the accused is in a position to reveal this information publicly through statements.”

Lourdes and Madonna’s Ex Carlos Leon, Not a Terrorist

Last note: reading through the comments on the page was infuriating. Do folks actually believe that America was behind the USS Cole? Just because there are similarities to US products in the explosives used? I have a conspiracy theory on conspiracy theories: they are all invented nonsense.

Last last note: Does not Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri bear a striking resemblance to Mr. Madonna #1, Carlos Leon? Father to her oldest offspring, Lourdes?

Oddly, he is Cuban. Coincidence, no? Gitmo is in Cuba, right? Wait. What did I say about conspiracy theories in the last note above? Despite similarities in appearance, Carlos Leon is not at all related to the USS Cole attacker Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri. Period.