GPS Error: 900 Miles

At the Naval Academy, a Sailor buys a ticket to fly home to San Jose. Except he gets on an airplane to San José, Costa Rica. He then (from what I heard second-hand) had to fly home from Costa Rica.

But his mental boner does not match Sabine Moreau, who drove from Hainault Erquelinnes, Belgium to Zagreb in Croatia. Her trip was supposed to be 93 miles, but she drove 900. The culprit, her GPS. Bad Tom Tom!

Bring Out Your Inner Viking!

All of us have an inner Viking. And Franjo Fleš, of Jacht Designing, is going to make the process of bringing out the “real you” easier. Imagine 75 feet of victory on this sweet Viking ship:

Lav (Lion) is a Replica Dubrovnik Karaka built by Piranska Radjedelnica, Piran, Slovenia in 1901 to the design of Franjo Fleš, Jacht Designing, Trogir, Croatia. She was Rebuilt in 1996.   Construction is carvel, Pitch Pine on Oak. She has a long Oak keel. Her decks are Iroko, her superstructures is all Oak.

She is now a passenger ship and provides comfortable accommodation for up to 25 Guests in 10 air-conditioned en-suite cabins and has crew accommodation for 6.

She is on the Croatian Registry of Ships (CRS) and is rated 5 stars (high quality) and has a license for P6 boating.

Lav (Lion) is a Replica Dubrovnik Karaka built by Piranska Radjedelnica, Piran, Slovenia in 1901 to the design of Franjo Fleš, Jacht Designing, Trogir, Croatia.

I want. Bad.
Well, not for a million dollars.
Think they’ll take a check?
Actually, I hear boats are big money suck.
I better not.
Alright, upon further review, I’ll pass.
Say, you got any trawlers?

A Navy SEAL at Tufts

Before our command cut down on travel, I used to bounce around quite a bit. (I actually like the tight purse-strings. Despite many hours in a Navy plane, I don’t like flying in the packed confines of a commercial jet.) Often, I swing by the airport bookstore before I board, mostly to get a feel for what is new.

I once read the back of a book about an Oxford educated SEAL, named Eric Greitens. I remember thinking his life story was interesting. But then I forgot all about it. Until now:

Eric Greitens, SEAL Officer

Eric Greitens was born and raised in Missouri. After graduating from Duke University, he was selected as a Rhodes and a Truman Scholar. He earned a master’s degree and a doctorate from the University of Oxford. His doctoral thesis, “Children First,” investigated how international humanitarian organizations can best serve war-affected children.

Greitens’ award-winning book of photographs and essays, “Strength and Compassion,” grew from his humanitarian work as a volunteer, documentary photographer, and researcher in Albania, Bolivia, Cambodia, Croatia, the Gaza Strip, India, Mexico, and Rwanda. The book was honored as ForeWord Magazine’s Photography Book of the Year and as the Grand Prize Winner in the 2009 New York Book Festival. In May 2011, Greitens’ second book, “The Heart & the Fist: The Education of a Humanitarian, the Making of a Navy SEAL,” became a New York Times best seller.

He is speaking as the Tufts University’s commencement address-er. Look at the other speakers when you go to the link. I doubt many students will remember them, while Eric strikes me as someone you probably are not going to forget. (Although I did. Until I read his story. Don’t tell him. . .)

Dancing Croats

In Zagreb, if you are a soldier, you don’t tread on the red carpet:

Heinz Fischer? I could joke about the 56 Fischers who came before him, but once again, I will exercise my steely self-control. And not. (Don’t get the joke? Clicky here.)