Erna Solberg and Siv Jensen

Erna Solberg and Siv JensenI keep an eye on Scandinavian politics, not that I could explain them in any detail. This paragraph on Norway does give me cause for optimism:

Siv Jensen is taking a different approach. An unapologetic admirer of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, she has appeared frequently at gatherings of U.S. conservatives such as CPAC to champion individual liberty. “We are rooted in Norwegian values and believe the best way to improve them is to create more opportunity,” she told me last year during a visit to the U.S. Her party has slipped in support since 2011, when it was (largely unfairly) linked to an insane gunman’s attack on Norwegian schoolchildren in which 77 people died. But it is still likely to enter a conservative government led by Erna Solberg’s Conservatives, with Jensen a possible finance minister. It would be the first time Norway’s own variant on the Tea Party would ever have been part of a government.

Very interesting. I wish both lady politicians well. . .

CPAC People’s Choice Award

Wow, Right Wing News and are running the blog awards for CPAC this year. And they honored me with a nomination in the People’s Choice Award.

8) The People’s Choice Award (The voting on this category will begin later today on and will last through Friday at midnight. The winner will get special linkage at the top of TPNN’s newly designed website that will be released later this week. The winner will also get 5 consecutive days of links at Linkiest next week and of course, the winner will also receive a trophy at CPAC).

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Thanks John and Tea Party folks!

CPAC Red Carpet Blogger Awards


Thank you for reading this blog. Very few people in my military life know of it. I maintain that separation because I like to clown around in here, while being focused and serious (often, mostly) at work.

I am not particularly political in my writing, due to my active-duty status, but probably reflect values that might be considered more old-school than new.

John Hawkins over at Right Wing News nominated me for Best New Blogger, CPAC Red Carpet Blogger Awards, while the good folks at sponsored the event. I can think of no bigger honor, with the possible exception if I had won. Truly to be nominated was great. Thank you, John and Tea Partiers, for the recognition and kindness.

5) Best New Blog of 2011: Presenter (Ed Morrissey)

Naked DC (Winner)

The Moorlock Revolt

The Mellow Jihadi

Conservative Commune

I just discovered this little gem twenty minutes ago. And am surprised and grateful. Two extra special thank-yous: those of you who are my blog friends and link; those of you who don’t have a blog and comment. I love both your links and your comments.

Thank you from the bottom of my blog page!