Veterans Small Business Association Foundation

Small businesses are the foundation of a vibrant economy. Despite the current tight business climate, there is help for veterans seeking to start their own business:

Veterans Small Business Association Foundation (VSBAF.ORG) was founded by Rallie P Rallis of Seal Beach, California, in January 2013, as a mean to help those who serviced our country.

Rallie is a ex-Navy officer who served in the Civil Engineering Corp. In addition to his naval career, he is a published author, business coach, internet marketer, and real estate investor, with over 50 years of business experience, in manufacturing, marketing, and business building.

Rallie Rallis has experience leading Seabees. Let him help you. (Although, if I were writing his website as his websmaster, I would add an s after Corp. And the line those who serviced our country should read those who served our country. I am, after all, a language nerd. And I service websites.)

Update: Courtesy of NavyDavy, this site is a possible scam. Tread carefully when getting serviced by VSBAF.