A Wild Cristina Kirchner

Cristina Kirchner, the President of Argentina, seems wildly determined to dance the international tango with UK over Islas Malvinas, better known as the Falklands Islands. (Do her failed policies need a war to wag?)

Particularly apt of the Falklands War is this time capsule of the period, the frigate HMS Plymouth:

Falklands War frigate HMS Plymouth
Falklands War frigate HMS Plymouth

There is no better source (in my amateur eyes) of things Falkland than this link on the Naval War in the Falklands

As for our girl Cristina’s political party, Front for Victory:

The FPV is part of what it calls an “intolerable” gap between rich and poor and questions the role of political parties allied to the regime in Argentina (2001 crisis). For that reason sustain “the vital need to deepen the process of social justice, leaving behind a past that most Argentine want to overcome, allowing the construction of a new space political and institutional management in Argentina.” constituting the axis for “a foundational process of politics and institutions.”

Ah social justice, roger! Still this chart lists Cristina Fernández de Kirchner’s wealth at nearly $100 million. I’m no accountant, but ‘dat is a lot o’ Churrasco.