Female Gun-blogger Gets Angry at Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby, pistol

Lil Chantilly, who blogs over at Heels and Handguns, is a little steamed, both under the collar and in her blogpost. What’s got her peeved? Bill Cosby went and gone done said this:

“When you carry a gun, you mean to harm somebody, kill somebody.”

And Lil is not having any of it. She’s right, of course. Under the 2nd Amendment, Americans are justly afforded the right to bear arms. She goes on to lambast him in this manner:

What?  Did he really need to take his comments to that level?  This actually offended me, and shocked me.  It is such a blanket statement to make, very surprising coming from one of the biggest advocates of personal responsibility.  So tell me, readers of this blog, and proponents of CCW:  When you carry a gun, do you mean to kill or harm another person?

If you are so inclined, go over and howdy Lil. She’s got pics of herself shooting sniper rifles. Sniper. RIfles. Do not mess. With a country lady. And her sniper rifles. All several of them. That is a recipe for disaster:

-A Recipe for Disaster-

Ingredients-1 gallon barbecue sauce and You

Directions- 1) Start out by dowsing yourself in the barbecue sauce.
2) Cover everything but your eyes.
3) Go mess with a country girl’s guns.

Enjoy your disaster.

Feeds one. Refrigerate unused portions.