The Monstrous Maine Coon

One of my fellow naval officers at work owns a Maine Coon. They are enormous cats, more bob than puddy. I’ve seen some up to thirty-five pounds. My shipmate has pictures on his desk of the monster and I could not help but remark about ’em.

I marveled (to myself) how wonderful it was that two red-blooded American males could discuss felines so openly. Fifty years ago, we would have been ostracized. We’ve come a long way as a nation and a Navy. FYI, here is a Maine Coon in all its glory:

Natalie Chettle lifts her mother's Maine coon cat Rupert over her head.
Natalie Chettle lifts her mother’s Maine coon cat Rupert over her head.

Resist the thought that the picture is photoshopped. T’ain’t. . .