For Sure, Candwich

Candwich, meal in a canDrum roll for the menu of the day. . . For breakfast, a Candwich PBJ Strawberry and a Candwich PBJ Grape. With perhaps a Candwich French Toast as a late morning snack. For lunch, a Candwich BBQ chicken. And for dinner (fo’ sure) a Candwich Pepperoni Pizza Pocket.

I am not the least bit troubled* that Travis L. Wright absconded with $145 million of investors money (who thought their lucre was being poured into real estate) to make Candwich a success. The investors will get paid in free canned lunches. Money line goes to Michael E. Hines, from the New York Times article: A lot of 401(k)s have become 201(k)s. (Alternative money line, completely made up: Candwich really opened a can of worms with their creative funding.)

I do find this behavior troubling. But writing a blog requires artistic license. Or a candwich.