An Islamist Says: Ignore My American Mommy

Since when does having an American mother disqualify you from seeking the presidency? Only when you are Islamist and you are running for the presidency of Egypt:

Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail

In this March 23, 2012 picture an Egyptian is seen through a defaced poster for Egyptian presidential candidate Hazem Abu Ismail, a prominent Salafist, center, in Cairo, Egypt. An ultraconservative Islamist presidential hopeful who may be disqualified from the race after it was announced that his mother was an American citizen.The presidential election scheduled in May will mark the beginning of a handover of power by the ruling military to an elected civilian, following last year’s popular uprising that overthrew Hosni Mubarak.

I can just see the argument from the Islamist headquarters: Hey, your mommy is American!