For 113th Game, Navy Wins Again

Yikes: Vice President Joe Biden meets with Salvatore Giunta a recipient of the Medal of Honor, at the Army-Navy game.

So the Army hacked into the Navy (or some Admiral’s) email and sent out the below phony note, supposedly from Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller:

Vice Admiral Michael H. Miller
Dec 5
to goarmysinknavy, AllUSNA, USCC, BTD

In preparation for the humiliating defeat Army will be dealing to us in the near future, I have some guidance to pass down.

First: when we stage for march-on, we need to clean up our act. The internet has us pegged as dirty slobs– this year, we need to bring trash bags and clean up after ourselves. From what I understand, Army is embarrassed to even be associated with us.

Navy quarterback Keenan Reynolds

Second: clean up the actual march-on. Please at least pretend to be in the military. Dress right dress, don’t talk at attention, etc. Seriously, this one is too easy.

Third: we need to have better accountability of our goats. This is also very embarrassing.

Fourth: when Army sings second, we will be respectful and professional.

Fifth: we need to be better at cyber.

Finally, I award you all with PMI (sleep ins) until Christmas. Maybe even a little longer, depending on how morale is going after Army defeats us on Saturday.
Go Army, Sink Navy!

Nice try, Army. The Navy still won, 13-17. Keenan Reynolds scored a late touchdown to give the Middies the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy and bragging rights to the 113th rivalry game. Next year, Army. . .