Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kristin Stewart Join the Army

Both Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kristin Stewart have decided to go to Army Boot Camp and serve the country. Although each wears the uniform in different ways. Rosie:

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Minnie Mouse in the fifth anniversary issue of LOVE Magazine
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley as Minnie Mouse in the fifth anniversary issue of LOVE Magazine

And Kristen:

Kristen Stewart, in Camp X-Ray, Guantanamo Bay
Kristen Stewart, filming Camp X-Ray movie, Guantanamo Bay

Hmm, Rosie seems to have forgotten certain uniform items (but the Minnie Mouse ears are a nice Army touch.) Meanwhile Kristen looks to be about reg. Popped collar, check. Hands in pockets, yup.

Run Your Own Spartan Race

Sometimes I forget that I am a runner. I run several times a week, but on a treadmill. And the gym is no substitute for the real thing. Yesterday, at around 0700, I headed up into the hills behind my house. The whole jog was around five miles and it took me about an hour to run it. Before you say slow slow slow, know that the elevation rise is 1200 ft. And what comes up, must go down.

The first mile was all uphill and then the trail rolled along. It was foggy, the sweat beaded on my hair like snow. And the (cover your eyes) phlegm ran right beside me, if you get my drift. Also, it was dusty; as I kicked up the dirt, it stuck to me. So I must have looked like a wildman as I descended the trail after tooling around in the hills. Several women recoiled at the sight of me. (Am I a bad person if I say I sort of liked the reaction?) One of their husbands gave me a hearty good morning. Kind of a get some greeting. I got some! I just couldn’t control that I looked a mess (but felt like a million bucks.)

This Easter morning, I went to the dump (called a transfer facility) to drop off some yard dirt and rocks. My friend had a pickup and we filled the whole thing up. And all during the transfer, I was sore. We put about 1000 pounds into that place. At $37.50, it seemed expensive. But I got a hell of a two hour workout. If you don’t have hills to run or dirt to haul, you can try the Reebok Spartan Race:

Reebok Spartan Race, Jamie Varner of UFC
Reebok Spartan Race, Jamie Varner of UFC

Reebok Spartan Race is scheduled to invade the Entertainment Capital of the World in just ten short days. And what’s more entertaining than a former WEC lightweight champion currently fighting in the UFC taking on the Reebok Spartan Race course? Jamie Varner will be there April 6 to take on the first ever Reebok Spartan Race in Las Vegas.  The 28-year-old is recovering from a hand injury that has kept him out of action since his UFC 155 victory over Melvin Guillard and will be facing his first, but not last Spartan Race course.

And he’s taking this race very seriously. “I’m a competitive person. I fight people for a living!” He goes on to say, “I was medically cleared  two weeks ago and this gives me motivation to train.  It’s a different kind of motivation and that’s exciting.”

The MMA fighter is no stranger to intense competition and has few worries about race day. “I don’t have to worry about someone punching me in the face,  but it is a bit more mileage than I’m used to running.  That might be the only thing in the back of my mind.”

I’ll just stick to my way of running in the hills. The above Spartan Race will cost you 145 dollars to register. No thanks!

Why I Blog

From an email written by AFCrewDog:

When I began reading your musings I was impressed with your intellect and ability to express yourself. I wondered where you’d be going, content-wise. Military? Political? Whimsical? Serious? Did you even know?

I thought there was a frustrated author lurking within. Clawing to escape. Attempting to allow his thoughts and feelings to escape for fear of reaching critical mass within. Deciding something must be done, he turned to the blogosphere.

I know you’re aware that your randomness has been well received. And your fan base seems to be growing. I just wanted to tell you the latest episode of how you’ve touched my life and what your posts have done for/meant to me.

Your “Fencing” post this a.m. brought back, first, memories of my childhood joys of sword fights. Errol Flynn, Zoro, King Arthur, the Musketeers, pirate movies, the Crusades; the list goes on. And then, in adulthood, Star Wars! (the only combination almost as good as sci-fi and sword fighting was Cowboys and sci-fi Aliens)

I was about 11 when I found an epee. Rusted, banged-up, but an honest-to-goodness sword! Now I could replace those wooden things and get down to some serious sword fights! The thrill lasted about a day. Mom found it. You can guess the rest.

During high school, I spent 2 years in the USNAR. Loved it. Great experiences, memories and a lasting affinity for all things Naval.

The hispanic clip was a riot! That and the movie reference tied so many things together for me.

I spent a summer school vacation (1955) “doing” Boot Camp. We were a bunch of fun-loving, wiseass kids and drove our Chief completely nuts! One day he brought in a gyrene hardass to put us through PT Hell. Long story. Short version: We sent him packing back to gyrene land.

Before transferring to an R5D squadron, I was assigned to F9Fs. In the background of the clip is an F9F static display.

After active duty AF I joined the TN ANG. We were a C-97 wing and often flew Army Guard units to and from their annual active duty training. We’d unloaded cargo in Puerto Rico and were parked on the tarmac waiting for another load.

Another C-97 parks next to us. The loading ramp comes down and a very tall, thin Black SSGT walks down it. Boots glistening, razor-sharp creases in his starched Ods. He stands at attention, facing inside the 97 and begins barking out orders in Spanish! Had never, ever heard a Black man speak spanish.

Also was reminded of a trip to Japan. Got to the Transient Crew quarters. In the Day Room was a TV showing Bonanza. Try to imagine Hoss saying something like, “Pa, them cows in the South 40 got out last night,” in Japanese.

When I was living in Houston, a high school buddy phoned that he and his wife would be in town for a gig in 2 weeks. He’s a C&W singer/songwriter. You may have heard of him. Ed Bruce.

His then-wife, Patsy, was a talent agent. Patsy somehow knew the Casting Director for a movie that was being shot in Houston and she had been asked to help her. The movie was “Urban Cowboy,” with Debra Winger. Again, long story. Short version: DW was not a delight to work with. Wife and I were invited to the “wrap” party but couldn’t make it.

Stories we heard the next day made us happy we didn’t.  Saw “Officer.” OK movie. DW’s bod looked pretty good.

So, again, thanks for the memories.

Thank you, AFCrewDog, and all readers (regular or irregular) (Errr, regular or occasional)! Sir (CrewDog), it was an honor to receive your kind email.

I do not have a plan as to content of this blog. But the lack of foresight is not hurting readership, so onward we shall shudder shoulder soldier sailor sail’er!

Debra Winger: Way to Go Paula!

As for Debra Winger, she quit the movie business in 1995 after saying this about her Officer and a Gentleman friends:

Winger has always spoken her mind. Even an Oscar nomination for the 1982 film, An Officer and a Gentleman, did not stop her calling co-star Richard Gere “a brick wall” and its director, Taylor Hackford, “an animal.”

Ah, nothing like a little friendly camaraderie. Not one to stay away, Ms. Winger returned (in the early 2000s) to dip her toes, once again, into the Hollywood River, as per the IMDB.