Yet More Apologies

Folks, I am neck deep in work. (And by neck, I mean, I look up and see more!) Couple that with a verrrry slow internet connection and that equals little posting. (1 + 1 = 0 posting.) Like Ex Bootneck below, I am going to offer you my apologies. Good news, a blogger (who is very entertaining) might be dropping by with some nuggets that are not of his usual topic.

Aha, Some Lite Reading

Please enjoy the usual great blog selections from the Council. WoW is a group of like-minded bloggers that gather virtually each week to submit interesting blogposts to the collective. Both our own and one from another blogger. Here are last week’s winners:

Council Winners

Non-Council Winners

Raif Badawi, Free Saudi Liberals

I am protective of bloggers and editors, even if I don’t agree with them. I can’t say whether I am simpatico with Raif Badawi, from Free Saudi Liberals, or not because his website was taken down by the Saudi Arabian authorities. Raif’s site discussed the role of religion in Saudi Arabia, and he has been held since June 2012 on charges of cyber crime and disobeying his father – a crime in the conservative kingdom…

Along the Hard Crust

Blogging has been light due to preparation for the last class I have left before my last qual (emphasis on last.) The plan is to leverage this very particular set of classes in military acquisition into credits towards a Masters degree. That said, I must submit my material and hopefully the university board will agree with me.

I studied and went through the classwork today at my home away from home, Panera Bread. And when I could sit there no longer, I went to my local hippie coffee place. In what could only be described as a toe-curling (toe-curdling?) experience, a poetry grad student read her work to her professor one table over from me. I have selectively chosen to forget what I heard. Poetry is best left to the pros who can craft literary nectar as if whispered to by the Gods. In honor of the amateur poetess, I will leave you with this piece of Russian music by Anna Akhmatova, Along the Hard Crust:

Anna Akhmatova
Anna Akhmatova

Along the hard crust of deep snows,

To the secret, white house of yours,

So gentle and quiet – we both

Are walking, in silence half-lost.

And sweeter than all songs,

sung ever,

Are this dream,

becoming the truth,

Entwined twigs’

a-nodding with favor,

The light ring of your silver spurs…

Thank you Anna. Poetry, best left to experts.

Friday Blog Wave

Blogging is a funny hobby. Some time ago, well over a year, I wrote a post on a television show. It addressed a question a number of people had about the series. And every Friday, when the show is on, the blog gets flooded with folks looking for answers. Sometimes, they stay and poke around, sometimes not. Either way, my pageviews go through the roof. Does this matter? Probably not, as the vast majority do not return. But it is neat from a statistics viewpoint. The miracles of search engines never cease to amaze me. And the same wave repeats itself as the show is exported overseas.

Daydream Believer

There is a psychological ailment some folks suffer from where they cannot separate their daydreams with real life.

Cordellia Amethyste Rose is one such individual. She really should become a writer and put her vivid, fantastical imagination to work. Or perhaps, she could launch a navel-gazing blog. For the record, everything I’ve posted in this blog has been real, except for the tiny joke, every now and then. Daydreaming has no place in the dodgy and dangerous world of naval blogging.

My 2000th Post

Somehow, I have stumbled to 2000 posts. If you immediately shut your computer down and never, ever, again come to this site (that means all of you), I may stop blogging. In a couple of months. But you’all show up. So I keep on, blogging on, ’til the break of dawn. (Hmm, I stole that break’o’dawn hook from an R&B slow-jam. One of those dim-the-lights, break out the Barry White lines. It does not quite work. But I am a blogger with 2000 posts under my greedy belt. It will work if I say it works!)

Nine Year-Old Food Blogger Censored?

The last meal photographed by nine-year-old food blogger Martha Payne of NeverSeconds – she approved of the contrast between the radishes and the macaroni.

The young Scot girl has 29 posts on her blog and has garnered international attention. What started the whole ordeal:

An hour after accusing a nine-year-old girl of causing distress with her “inaccurate” lunch blog, the Argyll and Bute council has overturned its cameras-in-the-canteen ban and once again allowed school children the option of photographing their lunch.

“There is no place for censorship in this council and never will be whilst I am leader,” said Argyll and Bute council leader Roddy McCuish, in a statement just issued.

 Case number 52952945829 in the rule do not censor what you want to disappear.